Snow Boots

(Photo via Refinery29)

This past weekend, Charlie and I trekked our way to the Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side. It was awesome. I felt like a little kid again looking at all the dioramas while eating Skittles. My only regret is that I didn't wear the right shoes (Hunter boots that are cute but heavy!). But I love the above look, sported by Robin Reetz on Refinery29. The boots are by L.L. Bean and could hopefully be the answer to my snow boot woes!

Any other suggestions? Would love to know!

Our Mom's on Groupon today!

You heard it here first, sweet peeps! As we posted a couple of months ago, our Mom is now teaching Latin cooking classes in her home kitchen here in New York.

Well, we are excited to share the cool news that Groupon has decided to feature her business in today's deals.

If you live in New York, we highly recommend taking advantage of this fantastic deal (50% off) for yourself or a loved one (a cooking class gift certificate makes a fun, unique gift!).

Learn to make the most mouth-watering tacos, her famous ceviche or churrasco. (For our vegetarian friends, she can customize the recipes to include veggies only.) And for those with a sweet tooth, you will be in heaven when you learn to make her tres leches or flan. :)

See the sweet deal at Cooking With Miriam on Groupon. Happy Monday! xo

Have a dreamy weekend!

Happy Friday, sweet peeps! Only You, one of my all-time favorite rom-coms, was playing on TV this week, much to my husband Alex's chagrin ("That's it. You owe me Predator."), and it put me in the best mood.

Have you seen it? Marisa Tomei wears the best 90's clothes, Robert Downey Jr. is boyishly charming, Billy Zane, hilarious, and the views of Italy are stunning. I highly recommend it for a Saturday-afternoon-vegging-on-the-couch kinda day. :)

Speaking of the weekend, Alex and I are planning to stay close to home as New York is still completely covered in snow. And maybe checking out The King's Speech, which is getting amazing reviews. What about you, friends? Do you have any fun, interesting plans for the weekend?

Wishing you all a cozy weekend! And here are some fun links for your Friday! xo

The Coveted, takes us inside some of the best fashion closets. (via Whimsy Being)

The new issue of Rue has arrived! It's awesome. ♥ (via Everything Fabulous)

Amy Sedaris, I love you too! (via Conundrum)

How to make homemade burrata. Yum! (via Sunday Suppers)

Up and coming blogs. What a great list. (via say YES! to hoboken)

So this is how J. Crew shoes are made. (via Refinery29)

Fun downloadable work out mix! (via Live and Enliven)

And for after your workout -- 100 Chocolate Cakes in honor of yesterday's National Chocolate Cake Day. :) (via Tastespotting)

(UPDATE: For those of you with the Style Network, you can catch Only You this Sunday 1/30. :)

Yes, Please! Big-Hearted Macaroni + Cheese

(Photo via The Kitchn)

For those of you unaware, here in the Northeast, we have been graced with yet another dreary snowstorm. But what better way to have a snow day indoors than cooking up some good ol' comfort food. Thankfully, I just came across this really delicious looking mac + cheese recipe with artichokes - my fave. :) Now, it's just a matter of braving the walk to the grocery store!

Boys of Milan + Paris

Boys of Milan & Paris FW2011 from Justin Wu on Vimeo.

Sure, these models aren't so bad looking! But I love the song and playfulness in this video. It shows the silly and lighter side to male modeling. :)

(Video via JAK & JIL)

Edible Selby: Tartine Bakery

Oh my goodness, how did I just realize that Todd Selby is starting a new feature for the New York Times Magazine's T Magazine called Edible Selby? This is so awesome and I'm thrilled to see that the first feature is of Tartine, quite possibly my favorite bakery in the world. More mouth-watering pictures can be found here. ♥

A Muted Palette

I wear lots of color (even in winter), but when I see girls like Sue Tsai, L.A. clothing designer + stylist, it makes me rethink my wardrobe palette. Perhaps muted, earthy tones, is the way to go because I am seriously swooning over this girl's style. See more photos at Closet Visit. ♥

P.S. And how seriously hip is the children's clothing line she designs?

Bubble Chandelier


How cool is this bubble chandelier I found on Etsy? If I had an actual dining room, this would definitely hang overhead. :)

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Wow. I want to live in these paintings by Michelle Hinebrook via Design Crush.

On another note, it's Friday! I must admit, this week has been a bit tough because of some work related projects, so I am very happy it's finally the weekend. I don't have any specific plans just yet, but there will probably be lots of friend time and maybe a spontaneous brunch. I am also really looking forward to finishing this book. How about you? Anything exciting going on?

And now, some fun links from this week:

The most beautiful song ever (from Blue Valentine.)

Ariel Pink on Jimmy Fallon. Amazing.

If you live in New York, or any city with mass transit, this will be familiar to you. Hotties on the subway!

My dream home.

And if I can't live there, I'll take this apt.

Women eating salad is apparently really funny.

Taschen is having a big sale. Get there early to score some of the very best art books published.

And in case you missed it, Karina's video for Alexandra Grecco.

Have a dreamy weekend! ♥

Holiday Dinner FĂȘte

The party planners: Karina, Rachel, Me.
Centerpieces of glass mirrors, pine cones and candles made
for a dreamy ambience.
Printed menu that highlights our potluck contributions.
The table aglow.
The most stylish family we know.
Marines and baby Santi. Adorable!
Clearly, Persis and I were not in on the joke.
Yummy appetizers!
The best gnocchi we've ever had.
Mingling guests.

Ah, if only we had snapped this photo before eating!

About a month ago, Karina and I, along with our fellow party planner, Rachel, hosted our first formal holiday dinner party. It was complete with rented tables and chairs, holiday decor that would have made Martha proud, and an array of the most amazing food, courtesy of our invited guests. We made it a potluck and were so incredibly impressed with everyone's dishes. Among my favorites? Sarah's sweet potato gnocchi, Karina's artichoke stuffed mushrooms, Charlie's Polish sausage, and Marines' key lime pie. It was all absolutely de-lish! So although we had this lavish affair quite a few weeks ago, we wanted to share the photos with you just for fun.

In Between Shampoos

I'm one of the unlucky few with oily hair so if I don't wash it everyday, I've got a bad-hair-day situation on my hands. But - no more!

This past weekend I was getting my hair cut at the amazing Woodley & Bunny in Brooklyn, and adorable stylist Roxy introduced me to Sachajuan Volume Powder. It's pretty amazing.

You spray it on and it absorbs all the oil from your hair, while giving you instant volume with a matte finish. I highly recommend it for those in-between shampoo days.

What about you, sweet peeps? How often do you wash your hair? Know any cool tricks for bad hair days? xo

Lovely Looks at the Globes

Michelle Williams: stunning.
Mila Kunis. Look at those lashes!
Natalie Portman. Love that lipstick. She's glowing!
Wow. Scarlett Johansson has the perfect complexion.
Emma Stone. Don't you love this up do?

Did any of you catch the red carpet looks at the Golden Globes? Although I didn't exactly watch the show (too many movies and shows I have not seen!) I gushed over the gorgeous ladies and their enviable looks. I have a wedding party next week. I might have to use this for inspiration.

(images via

Dreamy Dame: Katherine Ross

(Photo via AND Magazine.)
(Photo via Vanity Fair.)

I would like to look like this today.

And isn't that kitty so funny looking? ♥

A table for friends

(via Design Within Reach)

Speaking of nature-inspired furniture, wouldn't it be fun to have a farm table with benches? Would be perfect for a casual Italian dinner with red wine + good friends.

P.S. This one is nice too.

A Natural Home

Jo, of Desire to Inspire, recently posted on how she can't stop thinking about furniture maker Mark Tuckey's stunning Melbourne home. I can't blame her. Isn't it gorgeous? I especially love the contrast between his natural furniture + the bold David Bromley art pieces on the wall. And that bathtub? - yes, please! See more drool-worthy photos here. :)

Happy Monday, sweet peeps xo
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