A Natural Home

Jo, of Desire to Inspire, recently posted on how she can't stop thinking about furniture maker Mark Tuckey's stunning Melbourne home. I can't blame her. Isn't it gorgeous? I especially love the contrast between his natural furniture + the bold David Bromley art pieces on the wall. And that bathtub? - yes, please! See more drool-worthy photos here. :)

Happy Monday, sweet peeps xo


ola appletea :

these are so amazing and inspiring! all photos are stunning but the bathroom... awesome! :)

Have a great week :)

Jillian :

love all the natural wood pieces, they make the room look so peaceful and serene. xoxo jcd

Claudia Cifuentes :

Definitely serene, Jillian! And the airy light helps too I think.

Ana Degenaar :

I love open spaces like this! Stunning!
Happy Monday!

Whimsy Being :

That bath tub...oh my. Is that a fireplace next to it as well? love.

photohogger :

I don't know about the naked blue woman (haha) above the fireplace, but it's very airy...and yes to the bathtub with a fireplace beside it!

Brandi :

It's stunning -- I love how light and bright it is!

I'm adoring your blog. You have such good taste! I'm only sorry school has kept me from getting here sooner.

Amanda Swann :

Um you would seriously not be able to get me out of that bathroom! Heaven.

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