Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Photobucket Yes, we know it's Thursday! But given the holiday, I imagine most people are getting a head start on the long weekend and either taking a half day or the whole day off tomorrow (I get half. Good enough for me!)

Last weekend I went to Far Rockaway here in NY after Lisa told me about the NY Times write-up, and it lived up to everything I expected. Amazing taco stands, people watching, surfer admiring, and plenty of sun bathing. If the weather stays as good as it's been, I may trek there tomorrow or Saturday.

What are your plans for the long holiday weekend? Would love to know!

Have a dreamy long weekend!

Link time...

Pencil tip carvings. How!?

Airy summer shoes

For all my DIY'ers...glue gun wax seals

4th of July sangria. Yes, please.

Martha's Vineyard escape

The beach in geometric order. If only...

(photo via NY Times)

Dreamy Dame: Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek for T Magazine from Cass Bird on Vimeo.

Who doesn't have a girl crush on Salma Hayek? She's smart, talented + extremely beautiful. I especially love this video that Cass Bird did a few months ago for T Magazine. Great article too. ♥

P.S. Salma is also incredibly real. Did you ever see this funny video of her?

Grilling Packets

Grilling has to be my favorite part of summer. And what I love doing the most is throwing a bunch of veggies (and maybe some seafood) and tightly packing them in aluminum foil with tons of seasoning. It's a healthy and delicious treat, and a total time saver! And I think something about the heat makes the food really absorb flavor. Just had to share that tip. ;)

Do you guys have any grilling specialties?

(photo via Self)

Pastel Pink

This girl makes me want to buy some pastel pink pants. And I would never have thought to pair with booties!

(photo via Old Time Friend)

4th of July Invites

I just came across these special 4th of July/summer invites on Paperless Post, and I am loving them. And the best part is that they're free to use! All the more reason to throw a party. :)

(photos via Paperless Post)

Have a Dreamy Weekend!


Today, Charlie and I snuck away for a quick lunch at Hale & Hearty. Although the weather has been less than ideal (cloudy and muggy) we took a stroll through Greenmarket afterwards, which has inspired me to make a new recipe this weekend (recommendations welcome!)

What are you guys up to this weekend?

And now, link time!

4th of July shoes!

I love you, Will Ferrell.

Wanted: bedroom hammock

Refreshing summertime treat!

This makes me smile

Jack White on Steven Colbert equals brilliant

Have a dreamy weekend!

Messy Tresses


I ♥ her hair. Mine is so close (eh, not really)!

(photo via Hello it's Valentine)

Teeek Tok

Sweet peeps, do you wear a watch? I've had one on my wish list for a while so with my 32nd birthday approaching (Mon Dieu!), I think I am going to start hinting to Alex. :) What do you think of these beauties? And can anyone recommend a shop in NYC that carries vintage watches? I'd love to try it on beforehand. xo

Feminine style...



(Top photo credits: Musingsinfeminity + American Apparel)


I can't believe June's end is already approaching and we have yet to discuss our travel plans with you!

DOPT'ers, what are your vacation plans for the summer?

I'm putting money aside for a year end trip to Tulum, Mexico, but chances are I might take a weekend escape here and there to remote areas of New York, just to take advantage of the summer. :)

(photo via Pinterest)

Scott Rhea

I'm sure everyone feels this way, but I feel like I have highly imaginative dreams. Good ones and bad ones, I always struggle to find the words to describe my feeling afterward. One reccuring dream I have a lot is being immersed underwater (maybe because I grew up as a beach baby?), which I definitely have a hard time articulating. But then I came across these photos by artist Scott Rhea, and now I'm finally able to share with people what my dreams sometimes feel like! Aren't they super dreamy and amazing?

(Photos via Scott Rhea)

Celebrating Papa with Hula Hoops + Chaplin

Hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day yesterday! We took a few photos at our family BBQ yesterday, which I wanted to share... xo!

Papa Cifuentes with his three girls...

Mama Cifuentes (aka Cooking With Miriam) with her girls...

Karina + I battle in hula hooping, wearing matching outfits (not planned!)...

But I show her how it's done...

Papa with Lisa...

And we ended the night screening Chaplin (our Dad's request! :) + Annie Hall.

The Coolest Girls in Madrid

Carving the Mountains from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

I saw this video over the weekend and have probably already played it over a dozen times. These girls are the coolest. Thought it would be a great start to your Monday!

Have a dreamy Father's Day weekend!

In honor of Father's Day this Sunday, I wanted to share some special photos of our Dad, if you'd like to see...

Here's my Dad teaching me how to be fearless (above)...
Supporting me while I sang the national anthem at a Mets game (I promise, I can't sing.) How embarrassing is my hair + outfit?! God bless 1994...

Presenting us with our then-puppy, Tiger, for Christmas...(Lisa's over-sized glasses = priceless)

My Dad directing a play in New York in the 90's. The girls + I would watch the adults rehearse from the lighting booth, completely mesmerized...

Papa Cifuentes walking me down the aisle...

What can I say? The girls and I are "Daddy's Girls" through and through. Our Dad is inspiring (when he arrived from Guatemala at 18, he taught himself English by reading the New York Times!), positive + incredibly motivating (always telling us things like "If you fail, try again!").

As kids he truly made us believe we could do + BE anything, which is ingrained in us still, and we are so grateful for. Thanks Dad for always being our biggest cheerleader! We love you!

Love, La NiƱa, La Pinta y La Santa Maria.

Have a great weekend everyone! xo

Slouchy Summery Sweaters

Loving the slouchy knit sweaters on these two sisters. Perfect for cool in-between weather. ♥

(Photos via The Sartorialist)

Father's Day Gift Guide

This Sunday is Father's Day. Do you already have a gift for pops picked out? The girls and I don't, so I thought I would round up a few of my fave items. I always have a hard time finding new and original gifts for our dad (he's very discerning) so this year, I want to make sure we get him something he truly loves.
Classic Monaco wallet from Tumi.

Our dad loves collecting movie and show posters and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is one of his favorite movies. This would look cool framed.

Our dad is a beach lover, so I think he'd like these swim trunks from Franks Australia. (via Selectism)

Handmade sculptural metal planters by Planterworx for the dad with a green thumb. On sale at Fab.com

The Art of Shaving Travel Kit. Because according to their website, even the dad who has everything, still needs to shave. Very true!

Print Love.

(photo via Etsy)

Sigh. How pretty is this print? Came across it on Etsy by Taste Organgey. I am definitely buying one. ♥

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

(photo via Ribbons & Rust)

This weekend Charlie and I are going camping with Rachel and Darren. We're driving up super early tomorrow morning (7 a.m. brutal) to Harriman Park, and plan to do some non-rigourous day hiking, grilling (I want to make this!), bloody mary drinking, and overall relaxing:) I love taking short weekend getaways because you really end up enjoying every single moment.

Do you guys have any fun weekend plans? Would love to know!

Link time...

Have you seen this kid dancing to Madonna in the 90's? Incredible.

Wanted: J. Crew bikini

Download the Book Report summer guide 2011!

Loving this peaceful print

Cute faux bangs!

Have a dreamy weekend ♥

Sit at the table

A friend sent me this video yesterday which I wanted to share with you, friends. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg talks about women in the workplace, and how we need to "sit at the table." Don't worry -- this won't turn into a business blog :), but I found her speech inspiring and wanted to share. Happy Wednesday xo

Evening Snack: Lychees

Have you tried Lychees before? Until recently I had only had them in martinis, but they're quite yummy on their own. Native to China, lychees can occasionally be found here in the U.S. as they are also harvested in places like South Florida. Refreshing and sweet, they make a great snack. I bought some in a market in Chinatown, but you can also buy them here. xo

(Photo via Steamy Kitchen)

DOPT turns 1!

Friends, it's our blog's 1st anniversary! So in honor of our special day, I thought I would share some photos of us, seesters, since without them, I would've abandoned this wee little blog two months in.

It's been a lot of fun sharing with you what inspires us, and hope you stay tuned for another year! We also wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments... it's what truly inspires us to keep on sharing. xo

And now, some cringe-worthy photos of us to ease you into Monday.... :)

Lisa + I get our present from Santa... a fluffy-haired doll named Karina...

Our cheerleading poses...

Check out Lisa's hair! Mom, seriously?!

My mullet thankfully grows out...

Looking fierce! You didn't know we were style icons did you?

Happy Lunes! xo

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

(photo via NY Times)

Today's weather in New York is the best it's been yet this summer. It's sunny with a cool breeze. So tonight we're taking advantage of the beautiful weather and gathering in our house to watch a projected movie in our yard! I'm so torn with movie choices, though. Any suggestions?

We screened Dazed & Confused last weekend, so it has to live up to it's awesomeness. ;)

Link time!

Awesome people hanging together

Here is what Brooklyn looked like in 1974!

Springy summer look. Love.

I adore Sandra Juto. I have been following her blog for years, and just now I'm sharing it!

New Robyn video, directed by Max Vitali. I want her moves.

Have a dreamy weekend. ♥

Cheek meets Chic

The Lords South Beach, Miami's first gay boutique hotel, is calling my name this afternoon with it's fun colors + crisp lines. Anyone else feel like ditching their desk, and heading to this playful oasis? :)

(Via Design*Sponge)
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