Snow Boots

(Photo via Refinery29)

This past weekend, Charlie and I trekked our way to the Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side. It was awesome. I felt like a little kid again looking at all the dioramas while eating Skittles. My only regret is that I didn't wear the right shoes (Hunter boots that are cute but heavy!). But I love the above look, sported by Robin Reetz on Refinery29. The boots are by L.L. Bean and could hopefully be the answer to my snow boot woes!

Any other suggestions? Would love to know!


photohogger :

Those are cute! Love the idea of trekking to the museum on a weekend!
Am sure it was great! Now, I want Skittles, too! haha!

Ana Degenaar :

I love museums and miss visiting them. I have to agree. Those boots look amazing!

Karina Cifuentes :

I highly recommend a visit there if you're ever in town! With Skittles in hand, of course. :)


I love her look...and I would totally rock those boots too! xo

magdalena viktoria :

Great look overall!
I've been really into any 'combat' looking boots.

Galipette. :

I love my Sorel's! Check them out here:

Good luck!

Karina Cifuentes :

Awesome suggestion, Galipette! They're definitely a contender. :)

Pop Champagne :

ohh I love that hat! and good to hear that you had a great weekend at the museum

Wendy :

You're so lucky!!! I wish I lived in the city. As for those boots - cute!

Whimsy Being :

I wish I could help, but I've never lived where it snows, so I can't advise. hope you get the perfect pair!

Beaches and Peaches :

I like Uggs, Sorel's, and Hunter Boots for cold weather and slush. I can't believe we have another winter storm coming tomorrow . . . :-(

abigail oliveros :


Blah, I don't want to graduate high school just yet. I'm not ready to go into the real world. I know I'm going to feel lonely at first and make new friends in the end but can't I just skip those awkward first days of school and go straight into meeting new friends? Can't I just fast forward time to skip moments were frustration overwhelms me and press play were everything is settling back to my comfortable zones again? sigh, unfortunately life isn't like that.

but enough about me, how are you and your sisters?

have a wonderful day,

Kattia :

i have these boots get them from ebay they will be cheaper!! I dont use them for the snow anymore but I hike with them...theyre cute and versatile!

Where's My Other Shoe? :

ahhh! such a cute outfit!!!!

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