Moon and the Stars

How pretty is this Kimberly Baker astrology necklace? I could wear it as a reminder to listen to my inner Cancer this upcoming year, which I feel is gonna be a good one.

Our friend Sonia picked a tarot card recently to sum up 2011. She picked the 3 of pentacles. Sonia says this card is all about team work and helping each other out. "This is a good time to start a project with someone or to also solidify a relationship or your career. Whatever it is you are working on know that no man is an island and this year will be about working together to make something great." I like the sound of that!

Are you an intuitive person? I'm still learning. But I found this little tip which I'm going to keep in mind next time I get a hunch. :)

Update: Did you hear our zodiac signs may have changed?

(Necklace via For Me, For You)


Jillian :

gorgeous necklace! love it. xoxo jcd

Krystal :

I LOVE it. Seriously, nice find!!

VildesVerden :

Love it!

Whimsy Being :

i'm a cancer this necklace :)

Claudia Cifuentes :

it comes in all signs. would make a great bday gift! :)

Raquel :

I love cute, simple necklaces like that!

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