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Over the holiday break, I finally got started on the 'Create Frame Wall' item on my home renovation to-do list. I'm hoping to finish in the next couple of weeks, and using these images as inspiration. Aren't frame walls neat? I find it's a great way to make a home more personal.

See more frame walls here and here. :)


Chapstick Fanatic :

the first one is a little overwhelming for me but i LOVE the second and third one. The old cameras are great!


Noelle at Gray Paint Decor :

The 2nd one is my fave. Cant wait to see pics of your wall! xo

Diana Mieczan :

I also love frame-walls! They make the house a home and its a great way to keep memories:) Happy New Year, sweetie

Claudia Cifuentes :

yeah its a slippery slope between one too many. i will definitely share the finished product. :)

Kimia Kline :

this is definitely on my 2011 to-do list. :)

Ashley Lind :

I love the last one!! I might have to do something like that!

and flowers pick themselves :

SO lovely! i really love the first space.

xo Alison

Jess :

Good luck! Can't wait to see how it turns out! :)

Heather :

These are so pretty, especially the first one. I would love to have exposed rafters in my apartment like that, and such rich dark floors, and a couch with a cute deer/doe pillow! I'm going to keep checking back at this wall for inspiration, thanks :)



I'm loving these frame walls! Great inspiration. Hope you had a happy new year! xo

abigail oliveros :

thanks for the encouragement my darling. its going to be a tough slowly realizing i can't eat meat, but it'll be a good experience I think. do you have any tips?

xoxo abigail

Brittany H. :

I've started doing something like this in my living room and I love it. I'm using all sizes and styles of frames. Thanks for sharing these, it's giving me more ideas.


maritaBliss :

Love the first picture ♥

Jenni Austria Germany :

omgosh i love these so much!

style'n :

I adore this look and got inspired to try this at home. Happy New Year to all you stylish ladies

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