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We love fun and girly videos. This is our latest fave.

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Spring Soups

It's slowly getting a bit warmer here in New York, but it's not quite spring weather just yet. We're still in that in-between seasons phase and because of that, I'm still not craving the fresh and light foods that I usually do when it's warm out. So until I break out the crispy lettuce to make refreshing salads, I'm entering into spring soup mode. I found these two good looking ones over on Martha Stewart, so I think I may be attempting these this week. They look healthy and still comforting for this semi-chilly weather.

Recipe for Spinach and Pea Soup here.

Recipe for Spring Vegetable Soup with Pesto here.

(Photos via Martha Stewart.)

Hip Home: Laura + Diego Garcia

Loving this Vogue photo tour of Laura + Diego Garcia's New York apartment. Who knew the Upper East Side could be so hip? :)

(via The North Elevation)

Have a dreamy weekend!

Happy Friday! Tonight Alex + I are going to watch my old family home videos. I finally got them transferred from beta to DVD. I can't wait to show him my 6th grade talent show dance to Another Bad Creation. :) What about you peeps? Any interesting plans?

Have a great weekend!

And here are some fun links for your Friday xo...

Never be late to breakfast with this indoor slide. :)

Greta Gerwig, we think you're so talented + cute.

This Topshop sailboat sundress is adorable.

Browned butter with cinnamon chocolate frosting -- I want to make this cake!

A tank house.

These before + after chairs are awesome.

Face paint, feathers + trippy dance moves, oh my!

Movies that were better than the book.

Almost that time... new Sunglasses slideshow.

Cool tour of the new Louis Vuitton shoe factory in Italy. Fancy!

(Photo by Brandon Christopher Warren)


OK, so don't judge. But yesterday I took a Zumba class. Have any of you tried it? What did you think?

For those who've never heard of it, Zumba is a Latin-inspired workout/"dance movement" where you do a cardio workout to Latin music + international beats. (Think salsa dancing in double-time.)

It was dare I say... fun. I've always loved to dance, but I have to admit the first few minutes were a little intimidating because everyone in the class knew the steps really well (can we say, Bridget Jones moment?). But 20 minutes into it, thanks to a lot of repetition, I finally got the hang of it.

If you guys are feeling experimental, and wanna mix up your workout routine, I definitely recommend giving it a try. It's pretty popular and can be found at most gyms or you can find a class here. Almost Friday! xo

(Photo via Betterfly)

Caitlin Price: An Artist You Need To Know

I met Caitlin Price a few months ago through mutual friends, but it was only until recently that I discovered what an amazing photographer she is. Her recent exhibition, Annabelle, Annabelle features a collection of mesmerizing photographs of stunning women. From the exhibition website:

In Annabelle, Annabelle women stand transfixed in severe everyday landscapes, connected to the world by the objects surrounding them. Each frame is carefully constructed but what lies just beyond is uncertain, perhaps threatening and ultimately left for wonder. These women, with strength and wisdom in the depth of their age, stand boldly and carefully alone, and offer us the opportunity to create stories about life and death, power and vulnerability, magnificence and uncertainty.

If you happen to live in New York, I recommend you go see her current work, which is running now through May 5th. More info can be found here. And if not, be sure to check out Caitlin's website. My favorite series is Washed Up.

Film: Claire's Knee (1970)

I recently watched Claire's Knee, directed by French New Wave director Eric Rohmer, and was reminded of how much I love European films from the 70's.

The story is about a man named Jerome who visits his friend Aurora, at beautiful Lake Annecy in France, during his last summer as a bachelor. Aurora, a writer, is unconvinced that he is finally going to settle down. Looking for creative inspiration, she encourages her friend Jerome to flirt with the teenage sisters, Laura and Claire, living in the house where she rents a room.

Jerome is mostly uninterested, but plays along to amuse Aurora. But one afternoon, after catching a glimpse of Claire's knee, he develops a strong desire to caress it. The film follows Jerome, as he deals with his unexpected interest in Claire, one month before his wedding. The film is the fifth movie in a critically acclaimed series called Six Moral Tales.

I highly recommend watching this film. While seemingly provocative, it's actually surprising in it's payoff (I won't give away the ending in case you want to watch), but also funny and truthful in it's insights on relationships. Watch: Claire's Knee

(Photos via Avax)

Dreamy Mexico Wedding

Along with the arrival of Spring, something else is upon us -- wedding season!

This weekend I received my first wedding invite, and I couldn't have been more excited. It reminded me of when I was planning my own wedding, and used to scour wedding blogs for hours on end. So this morning, feeling nostalgic, I came across this Mexican beauty. Isn't it lovely? I love the laid-back simplicity of it.

What about you sweet peeps? Any of you getting married this upcoming Spring/Summer? Or have friends getting married? What are some of your favorite wedding styles? Beach, Garden, City? xo

(Photos by Jen Gotch via Once Wed)

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

(Pics via Urban Outfitters)

Our lovely and super talented friend Celia Rowlson-Hall was recently featured over on the Urban Outfitters blog and she looks absolutely stunning! Celia was the leading lady in the Alexandra Grecco video that Karina directed a few months ago (which you can see here if you haven't already) and if couldn't already tell by that, this is one lady to keep your eye on. Not only does she dance and choreograph, she is also a model (obviously, with those looks!) and a filmmaker herself. Celia's short film Prom Night just debuted at SXSW to wonderful reviews and we can't wait to see what else she has in store. You can see more of Celia's work here.

And now some fun links for your weekend:

The coolest wedding ever complete with picnics and bike riding.

20 gadgets for the DIYer.

Bike season is here. Look good and be safe!

Beautifully designed wooden music boxes for children.

Fashion films are blowing up and we love it. See more here. (via Nylon)

Ever since I recently saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I have been obsessed with Paul Newman. Now I feel like I am reading about him everywhere, including here.

Have you heard of the band, the Cults? They are amazing and you can learn about them here.

A yummy appetizer.

I haven't worn hoop earrings in years but these fun and sparkly ones could easily make me go back.

A funny video of a baby scared of his mom's sneezes. Too cute!

Have a great weekend everyone! ♥

Recyclable House

Can you believe this Kansas house is made from recycled shipping containers? So cool. See the full tour here. Would you live here?

(Via the sassy shack)

P.S. Speaking of green - Happy St. Patty's Day!

Fancy Grilled Cheese (or simple Croque-Monsieur)

Last night I got home a little late from work, and decided to keep it simple for dinner. I thought I'd make myself a grilled cheese sandwich. (I made a steak sandwich for my meat-loving hubs, Alex :).

Inspired by this article in my latest Food & Wine Magazine (thanks, Mom!), I decided to use Gruyere instead of the usual American cheese, and wow - what a difference it made. It came out sooo gooey and delicious. I also added a thin slice of ham, dijon mustard and used buttery peasant bread (although sourdough works well too). The final result was closer to a simplified Croque-Monsieur (France's version of ham + cheese), but tasty nonetheless. I highly recommend you try this combo next time you're in sandwich mode.

What about you, friends? How do you like your grilled cheese? Any yummy tips?

P.S. You can check out a grilled cheese slideshow here.

Spring Dresses

This morning, I spy with my little eye adorable Spring dresses from Madewell. ♥

Ferris Bueller: Recut as an Indie

Fun video for a Monday morning. Reminds me of this other awesome spoof that came out a few years ago.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. ♥


Have you been watching the news? In lieu of posting today, we're going to follow the lil bee's lead and provide this link to those to want to be a part of the Tsunami/Earthquake Relief.

Our thoughts are with the people of Japan. Stay strong.

(Photo via We Heart It)

White + Wood

My love for modern white + wood continues. What do you guys think? Too modern or just enough?

See the full house tour here. (But be warned: you may get serious house envy :)

(Photos via Desire to Inspire)

Tomboy Style

I just found this awesome blog, Tomboy Style. Have you guys seen it before? I am in love with every photo Lizzie Garrett posts. Especially the one above! Can you believe that's the First Daughter Susan Ford washing her car outside The White House in 1975? (via The Ford Library). I love how she looks like a fun California girl -- tan, athletic and slightly breezy. Like she's ready to take her surfboard to the beach.

The good news is that the blog is being made into a book next spring, published by Rizzoli. I am so looking forward to adding it to my coffee table.

Sweet Spot: Caramel Salted Brownies

I was going to make these Caramel Salted Brownies this weekend, but got lazy and made brownies out of a box instead (so not the same thing!). But these are definitely staying on my baking to-do list. Don't they look addictively delicious? See the recipe here. happy monday xo

(Photos via Everyday Musings)

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

(via BeautyStat)

I was on the subway recently and noticed this very pretty girl with very pretty nails. Upon closer look, I realized she had a moon manicure! Now, after some research, I realize this is not the newest thing, but I had never seen it before! I was totally in love. And oddly enough, nails and manicures have really been coming up lately in random conversations with friends. Is this a trend or just coincidence?

Other manicure looks I'm loving: Minx, as seen above, and Peacock Nails, as seen on Jen Kao's Fall 2011 Collection.

And on another note, it's Friday! Any fun plans this weekend?

And now for some fun links for you:

New music from Gang Gang Dance.

Cool interview with Peter Hale, friend and confidante of Allen Ginsberg.

Crazy pop-culture inspired homes.

Cute video on the Dusen Dusen homepage.

Love this Brooklyn family and their great home.

A guide to sparkling wine.

Fun wallpaper.

Have a great weekend!

John + Yoko

I'm really digging this blown-up John + Yoko print. It's a bit too big for our studio, but maybe I can get a modified version like this one. :)

(Via Sfgirlbybay)

A Spring In My Step

As we await spring here in NYC, I am eyeing this cute transition shoe. Covered enough to not freeze off my little nubs, but flirty enough to wear with dresses. And at $86 the price is right too. :) What about you guys? Are you feeling this Camille Canvas Wedge?

(Spotted on NYMag)

Film: Midnight Cowboy (1969)

Ever since seeing the Harry Nilsson documentary a few months ago, I really wanted to see the movie, Midnight Cowboy because Nilsson sings the main song in it. So I finally got around to Netflixing it a couple of nights ago and absolutely loved it. Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman were so incredible and the song "Everybody's Talkin" really sealed the deal for me. Have you seen it before? If not, I highly recommend. And I have been playing the song on repeat to the point where I think I need an intervention. So, so good!

(Photos via IMDB)
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