In Between Shampoos

I'm one of the unlucky few with oily hair so if I don't wash it everyday, I've got a bad-hair-day situation on my hands. But - no more!

This past weekend I was getting my hair cut at the amazing Woodley & Bunny in Brooklyn, and adorable stylist Roxy introduced me to Sachajuan Volume Powder. It's pretty amazing.

You spray it on and it absorbs all the oil from your hair, while giving you instant volume with a matte finish. I highly recommend it for those in-between shampoo days.

What about you, sweet peeps? How often do you wash your hair? Know any cool tricks for bad hair days? xo


Katy :

I'm with you lovely. Greasy in 24hrs...on the dot!

Claudia Cifuentes :

Yes, Katy! I turn into a greasy mop. I would love dry hair. Especially in the winter when wet hair is not so fun! xo

Karina Cifuentes :

Oh, I need this. It runs in the family!

Maia McDonald :

Oooh this would be perfect for my oily limp hair that requires a shower every morning. What does it smell like?

Claudia Cifuentes :

Maia, it smells pretty nice actually! Not sure the scent though. But you'll feel like you just walked out of the salon. :)

Whimsy Being :

I used to wash my hair every day and would never skip a day, but I got annoyed with the fact that I was stripping my hair of its natural oils. So, I tried to go every other day for a few months. This was sooo hard as my hair was used to being washed every day, but over time, it seems as thought my hair got back to a normal cycle where washing it every other day is normal.

This sounds like an awesome product tho! I could definitely use it in my life :)

LAURA!!! :

OOo good to know! I've been wondering about dry-shampoo.

Claudia Cifuentes :

Good idea, Whimsy Being! Yes, I've tried "retraining" my hair as well. It's definitely challenging. But this product helps! xo

Kattia :

if you add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil to your lather or in any squeeze of shampoo it will soak up the oil in your hair, prevent dandruff and dryness and smell good too!! Also Aveda shampoo I swear by, I use Damage Remedy religiously (it's changed my hair life). Also if you wash your hair every day you are stripping your follicles of nutrients and good oils (same with your face) so the follicles over compensate by over oiling. You need something to balance it or plug back those nutrients in the right places (most aveda shampoo's will do it all but shampure). Hope this helps !

Claudia Cifuentes :

Great info, Kati! I will try Damage Remedy. And Aveda products smell so good! xoxo!

Courtney at Scattering Lupines :

Oh, it takes my hair about 14 hours to get greasy. Awful. I'm so jealous of people who can pull off washing every-other day.

SO glad to know about this product! Seriously. SO. GLAD.

Ana Degenaar :

I need that shampoo asap!

Krystal :

I wash it about every other day I think...I've never really tried anything for oil!

Amanda Swann :

I will have to try this! I usually go every other day or very rarely two between washes, I have to use the right shampoo or my hair is really oily. Have you tried the YES brand shampoo for colored hair (if you color). I love it! It has seriously changed my hair.
The Cheeky Cafe

Angelica Ng :

Oh I know exactly what you mean! I hate having wondrously silky hair before I go to bed, and then wake up with this mess of...stringy, greasy stuff. This is very interesting...might try it sometime!

Anonymous :

i SWEAR by stila's fresh bouquet dry shampoo.... it's a powder that smells like vanilla and amber... also adds volume and texture and sucks up all that nasty oil! - p

photohogger :

Ooooh this sounds good for me! Where can I find it in Toronto? Anyone know?

Claudia Cifuentes :

Photohogger, if they don't carry it in Toronto you can always order it online. I believe they ship to Canada...


photohogger :

Schmanks Claudia!

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