Have a dreamy weekend!

It's Friday! We're so excited to kick back and drink some icy cold lemonades in this blistering NY heat (it's 93 degrees today!) Is it hot in your neck of the woods? What do you guys do to cool down? 

As always, some links to get you thru this Friday. :)

Cute summer polka dot dress

For those in Brooklyn, McCarren Park Pool is officially open!

Cloud cutting boards

South African summer. Looks amazing. 

Wanted: Baggu drawstring purse

Cool modern house with sheep! 

Birds with arms. Creepy and fascinating. 

Journalist foot race after supreme court health care ruling. Crazy!

One of our all-time heroes, Nora Ephron, has passed away. She will always inspire us. Here is a love letter from her Goddaughter. 

Have a dreamy weekend, all!

Bedroom in the attic

Wow. How cool is this attic bedroom? I think the highlight is the tented ceiling (I think I made up that term. Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

I was afraid of attics and basements when I was a kid (ghosts!) but I think this room would easily convince me otherwise. :)

(photo via Well Yes Please)

Radish + Cucumber Salad

Did you guys know it's radish season? Well I've been on a radish kick since finding out. Yesterday I made this refreshing salad and am craving it again today! Here's what you need:

4 small radishes
1 large cucumber
3/4 cup of unsalted sunflower seeds
1 lemon
Salt to taste

Grate radishes and set aside. Shave and thinly slice cumber and set aside. In a medium bowl, mix radishes, cucumber, and sunflower seeds. Squeeze juice from lemon and add to mixture. Add sea salt to taste and mix again. And you're done! 

If you want to add a protein, consider grilling thinly sliced chicken breast and mixing in with salad for that extra yumness. :)

(photos by Karina)

Your Natural Shimmery Summer Glow

 One of my not-so-secret weapons to trying out new makeup looks is watching tutorials by celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge (you will become addicted to them.) We just love her videos and how user friendly she makes them! Here, she shares a glowy summer look that's not too over the top. Just right for that sunset dinner on the beach, if you're so lucky:)

(video via Lisa Eldridge)

Pretty floor tiles

Just came across these beautiful floor tiles. There's something kind of beachy about them, don't you think? I don't know if they're available for purchase, but they were designed by Swedish design office Claesson Koivisto Rune (of course:)

So pretty. 

(photos via Claesson Koivisto Rune)

Funny Brides

This video literally made me laugh out loud. Any brides out there? When's your big date? Do you have your wedding dress yet? Well, watch this video. A good reminder to keep a sense of humor about it all!  :)

P.S. We were successfully funded on Kickstarter yesterday! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who joined us! xoxo

(video via NYMag)

We're making a movie about relationships. :)

"After the Wedding" is a film about a husband "Diego" and his wife "Mariana" who are newlyweds living in New York...

But when "Diego" heads down to Miami to work on his novel before his wife meets him for a wedding...

He meets a sexy bartender by the pool named "Vanessa."

Then "Diego" and "Vanessa" become emotionally entangled...

When "Mariana" comes to meet him in Miami, she suspects something. And "Diego" and his wife are left to examine the true state of their young marriage.
Here is a teaser to get you in the mood. :)

Here's the kicker. We haven't shot the film yet! We're actually raising funds right now so we can get this small but great film made. And we have only 10 hours to go to make it a reality.

We feel that there is something for everyone and we can't wait to shoot it + share it with you on the big screen!

If you want to make a donation, it's a minimum dollar to pledge! BUT, you might want to pledge more since we have some pretty awesome incentives, like L*Space bikinis and dresses by Pavon, to name a few.

If you've always wanted to support independent cinema or are just a lover of film, now is your time to take part in some magic moviemaking!

To pledge, visit: http://kck.st/Kxevob

UPDATE: We reached our goal!!!!!!! But we'd love to keep the pledges coming in, because the more we raise, the better film we can make!


The Cifuentes Sisters

La Dualité by Adolphus Amissah

Nothing says the first day of summer like frolicking about in the fields and sunshine. Directed by my friend, Adolphus Amissah, we love this perfectly moody video, which combines our love of Fever Ray and Florida skies. Also, we love this unique beauty, Chelsea Wichmann. Adding this vid to our inspiration folder! We love it when our friends make beautiful things. 

It's the first day of summer!

It's official. Summer is here! How are you celebrating? 

Head Scarf: Yay or Nay?

I have been eyeing some head scarfs lately. I could really use a few options this summer, especially for those windy beach days when my hair just loves to spaz out. Here's one I found on TopShop if you're feeling edgy and another option found on J. Crew. But remember, you can easily find great + affordable options at any vintage store. :)

How about you guys? Would you sport a head scarf? 

Music Video We Love: Sigur Rós "Fjögur píanó"

Our friend and fellow filmmaker Danny Abel just posted this video and we had to share it with you.

The video, directed by Alma Har'el, is such a beautiful + artistic interpretation of the song by Icelandic group Sigur Rós. And in case you're wondering, yes, that is actor Shia Labeouf (as in the guy from Transformers.) We don't typically watch anything he is in, but this video really does showcase his talent and daringness as an actor. Love everything about this - the dance, their performance, the costumes...so creative. 

Disclaimer: NSFW. Some nudity. 

Allison and Anthony Get Married!

A few weeks ago, my friend and co-worker, Allison got married at The Queens County Farm to a wonderful gent, Anthony. I am just seeing her photos now and am in absolute love with each and every one of them. The bride and groom looked stunning and I love all the fun shots of the guests and kids. Allison and Anthony are not only a great looking couple, but they're also awesome DJs and host a weekly show on BBox Radio. Tune in tonight to hear "My Favorite Mixtape." 

Photos by Sarina Cass of Red Anchor Photo. More pics and vendor info below.

Have a dreamy weekend!

Woot, woot! Friday is officially here. The weather is climbing way up here in NYC and I'm ready to take a trip down to Far Rockaway and eat some fish tacos. :) Tonight, we might eat a juicy steak at St. Anselm (it was on the brain, as you can see) and tomorrow, I have a baby shower, which I'm so excited to go to. And Sunday will probably be a beach day!

How about you guys? What are your fun plans for the weekend? 

Link time!

We're making a movie. Want to support indie cinema? :)

The first woman to run the Boston marathon. What an amazing story! 

Just found this photo of Michael Jackson. Love.

The secrets to grilling steak. Gotta try this! 

Adorable + breezy summer dress. You could wear this everywhere.

Check out this awesome pink lake! Yes. Pink! 

Our friend and fellow lady director, Kristina Carucci just made this adorable video

Gorgeous bun! Want to try it. 

I started watching the documentary "El Bulli: Cooking in Progess" on Netflix. So far, it's awesome. 

A map of the U.S made out of frying pans. So cool!

PS - Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! And to our Dad, we love you

Have a dreamy weekend, all!

(photo via Jalanie Shop.)

The best ice cream topping ever.

Last night we indulged in some ice cream...you'll never guess what I added to it...

Any book recommendations?

I saw this Pin and it made me want to buy a good book! I've been on a biography kick. But now, I'm ready to read a good all-engrossing fiction book. Any suggestions?

Wednesday Giggles

This really made me laugh. Who's a little guilty? :)

Coolest Food Truck EVER: Del Popolo Pizza

I just got the new issue of Food & Wine, which I was reading on the train today, and came across this rad mobile pizzeria! I had to share it! 

Del Popolo is in San Francisco (2nd fave city aside from NY :) and is housed in a twenty-foot transatlantic shipping container that's been re-purposed and modified into a kitchen. A wall of glass doors exposes the interior, including the traditional Italian-made wood-fired oven. How cool is that? To our SF readers, hope you add it to your restaurant list! :)

(photos via Del Popolo)

Summer Must-Have: Round Sunglasses

After seeing this in the NYTimes, I want a pair of round sunglasses! It's a nice departure from the Ray-Ban Wayfarer which I usually sport on sunny days. Something about the round shape feels very classic + vintage. Very Katharine Hepburn. 

Here's a pricey option, and here's a less pricey option. And another for good measure:) 

Would you wear round?

(photos via NYTimes)

Rooftop Grilling

Polish sausage on the grill. Yum. 
Cozy lights dress up our rooftop
Charlie queues up a movie on Netflix. We watched Trainspotting.
I man the grill for a bit. But only for a bit!
Grilled onions over mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette. Crazy tasty. 
Sausage and toasty French bread bought at the Farmers Market
Almost could see the sun go down, but this was still pretty awesome. :)
Graham Avenue starts to quiet down at dusk...

Now that summer is practically in full swing, Charlie and I have been on a grilling frenzy! It's so fun getting inventive with recipes -- we're always amazed at how much flavor comes out of grilling vs. stove top cooking. But the Polish sausage that Charlie buys in Greenpoint is hands down the best grilled meal yet. Another fave is grilling packets, which I've posted about before. Now that's a crowd pleaser! And recently, we've been watching movies on the ipad up on the roof too (frequently accompanied by a bottle of red wine. :) All in all, it's been a great way to kickoff the summer.

How about you guys? Any grilling faves?

(photos are my own.)

"After the Wedding" Summer Mixtape

Inspired by our upcoming indie film, "After the Wedding,"we've put together a fun little compilation to get you ready for summer. So get the grill going and turn it up! Hope you enjoy! xo

Boyfriend Shirt

Another item on my must-have list is a good "boyfriend shirt," which I think are so timeless + sexy! Don't you think? Steven Alan has a great collection of them, too. :)

Beauty Tip: The Hair Flip

Growing up, my mom taught me that if I flipped my hair forward and started brushing from the root outwards, my hair would become shinier. It has something to do with the natural oils in your hair and penetrating your roots so they become healthier. I have to admit, I still do this age-old beauty trick and I think it actually works for me! It may sound a little Marcia Brady, but sometimes the simplest beauty tricks are the best. 

How about you guys? Any beauty tricks your mom has passed down that you still use? 

Inventive Tea Time!

I just saw this on Black Eiffel referred by a new Twitter friend, and thought it was so amazing! What a cool way to have tea, don't you think?

Speaking of Twitter, we're tweeting from our DOPT account again. You can find us @ThreeCifuentes!

(photo via Professor Sylvain Allard of UQAM)

White Jeans: Yay or Nay?

How do you guys feel about white jeans? I'm itching to get a pair for the summer! Found these cute ones on J. Crew. Any wardrobe must-haves for summer you're looking to snag?

(photo via this Tumblr)

Karen O Plays "Duet"

We have posted of our love of Karen O before, but this song...really just puts our hearts over the edge! Perfect for the rainy day here in NY. :)

Video find via Pitchfork.

Do you plant?

So I brought these guys home last week from the farmers market in Union Square (first photo.) I'm so excited to repot and turn them into lush herbs for all types of meals! I bought Italian basil, Thai basil, oregano and rosemary, to start. Now, the question is: what to repot them in? My new friends will be going on our rooftop so I'll have an abundance of space, but I do love the diamond hanging planters I found on Etsy. 

How about you guys? Do you plant? Recommendations welcome!

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Hello, lovelies! Did this week feel really long to everyone, despite the holiday on Monday, or is it just me? I'm glad it's finally the weekend! Although I'll be working a bit, I'm really looking forward to finding the time to bike to the park and catch up on some reading. A friend recently introduced me to this author, Etgar Karet, after we saw his movie Jellyfish. I loved the film, and am now reading The Girl on the Fridge, a collection of funny and quirky short stories. Perfect for reading under the sun! I so wish I could be this girl in the photo above.

What are your plans?

And now some fun links for your weekend!

Maria Cornejo + Mark Borthwick

Fan submitted artwork for Moonrise Kingdom (we can't wait to see this! Have you seen it yet?)

Looking for a good bronzer? Might have to try this one.

How to catch and cook a lobster this summer. Yum!

Hey, New Yorkers! Want to do some summer learning this summer? 3rd Ward has a really good deal right now for summer classes! I just enrolled in the Intro to the History of Modern Furniture. Should be pretty awesome.

Remember our Kickstarter campaign that we ran last month? Well, we're back at it again and offering the same cool rewards, including L*Space bikinis, and a limited edition Max Wanger print. Get 'em while you can!

Enjoy your weekend! ♥
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