Bubble Chandelier


How cool is this bubble chandelier I found on Etsy? If I had an actual dining room, this would definitely hang overhead. :)


Jillian :

looove these!!! so light and (for lack of a better word) bubbly! xoxo jcd

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Krystal :

that is too cool!

Ana Degenaar :

It looks stunning! I love chandeliers and can't wait to get a place of our own to have all those little details and additions.

Ber. :

oh, i adore it! it's simple but elegant :)

take care dear!


I love this!! What a great find...

Ana* :

So chic and classy. I would love one "oh, if I had my own living room."

Thanks for commenting on my blog, you're a pumpkin!

Hugs and much love,


AbbieBabble :

I love these bubble chandeliers. They're so elegant, yet cheery.

Croatian_Latina :

love it! but a bit out of my budget.

ps. I found Fage! and I love it! thanks for the intro and you know what? it has more protein than the other brands I have tried!yeah!

Catita :

cool! ANd I have a dinner room...hmm you just gave me a reason to splurge!

magdalena viktoria :

oooh, I'm with you, too--if I had a dining room this would be my first choice.

Karina Cifuentes :

Catita, if you decide to splurge, would love to see the finished product!

Noelle at Gray Paint Decor :

Super cute! I love the whole picture. xxoo

Karina Cifuentes :

@Croatia_Latina: I'm so glad you found Fage! It's so great with granola, fruit, and honey. You'll be addicted!

Sabrina O. :


styleforlife :

LOVE so much!! Its something I want to put in my dining room like now. :-)

PS- Come check out my GIVEAWAY! I hope you enter.

XXX to you- Emily from EL Vintage

Anna Walker :

I LOVE that Chandelier! It's so modern! but of course, nothing could beat a regular chandelier as well! :)


Ariel Maile Adkins :

Oh wow, what a great find!!

Angelica Ng :

Wow, it's great! So unique! It sure would hang over mine too if I had one!


kaitlin monroe :

love these!

Dancing Branflake :

I adore this! So magical!

jaclyn :

love this chandelier - its understated, but also has a little bit of a twist to it!


nadia :

Oh wow, I love this! Modern, but equally as elegant!

xo Nadia

Amy Rene :

I love it! Such a cute way to decorate.

Lynn :


Signe :

I love it! And Etsy is just the BEST :)


Karina Cifuentes :

@Signe, yes! I'm in love with Etsy. I always love your finds, too!

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