Fun + New Vegan Recipes

Pumpkin Tortilla Soup
Tempeh Deli Salad
Khara Bath
Nutty Farro Pasta with Edamame Pesto

Although I am not an official vegan, or even vegetarian for that matter, I do often love trying more veggie-based dishes. It's obviously healthier and I have fun trying out new creative ways to take what are typical ordinary vegetable side dishes up a notch to create full and tasty meals. So I was thrilled to see that this week is Vegan Week over at the kitchn! Check out their very delicious sounding dinner recipes here. I can't wait to make the Pumpkin Tortilla Soup!

All recipes and images via the kitchn.


Krystal :

everything looks soooo good. I'm hungry, I should start making dinner!


Mmmmm.... Those all look so good! The pasta looks yummy. xo

Chapstick Fanatic :

yum! i love the kitchn!

last day for the infinity necklace giveaway:

VildesVerden :

Yum! Not a vegan, but a vegetarian for 25 years now. This makes me hungry!

Danielle :

The Kitchn is so wonderful, isn't it? Thank you for letting me know about this post! I will have to give that soup a try :)

Fashion, Art and other fancies :

That pumpkin dish looks Divine!
Might I join you all for supper?;-)

Fashion, Art and other fancies :

That pumpkin dish looks Divine!
Might I join you all for supper?;-)

AbbieBabble :

I'm pretty excited about vegan week, too, even though I, too, am an ominvore. Everything look so delicious, though!

Whimsy Being :

Yum, what delectable recipes! I'm not vegetarian or vegan either, but love the food!

Kattia :

omg I'm making all of these....bookmarked bookmarked and bookmarked!!!!!

Kristin :

That soup looks just heavenly!

Croatian_Latina :

As a vegetarian I find all these recipes very appetizing! thank you for sharing!

La Petite Anglaise :

Generally speaking I'd rather eat sawdust than anything vegetarian/vegan (as the two pretty much amount to the same, tasteless, thing). However these dishes look so delicious I'm almost tempted to relinquish my love of rare steaks... almost. Great post, might have to give these treats a try. X

nadia :

I'm not a vegetarian either, but I'm definitely with you on trying to be as healthy as possible :)

They all look delicious but I'd have to say the pumpkin tortilla soup looks yummiest! Thanks for sharing!

xo Nadia

Artfully Awear :

Oh, that soup sounds incredible! Thanks for sharing :)

photohogger :

I've stopped eating chicken (as you know because of the roosters on Kaua'i :) haha) so these are great recipes for me to try!

denene @ style and inspiration :

Have you read Alicia Silverstone's book? I read it earlier this year and found it quite interesting. She's vegan and a lot of the recipes in her book sound really good. I read it after watching Food Inc., so I was feeling particularly anti-meat. I had good intentions, but life and old habits end up taking over.

Amanda Swann :

That pumpkin soup looks delish!! I did a 2 week vegan experiment just to see if I could do it and though it didn't stick, I was pleasantly surprised at how much yummy stuff there was for me to eat.

The Cheeky Cafe

oomph. :

i love soups...the pumpkin tortilla looks delish.

abigail :

thank goodness it's almost time for lunch!

Jessica Turnbow :

I am officially hungry! :)

seesaw :


Rachel :

I am the same way about eating.Veggie/Vegan dishes are so delicious to me. Lately, I've been making bbq veggie burgers with oats,walnuts,red peppers,bbq sauce, and more.

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