Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Wow. I want to live in these paintings by Michelle Hinebrook via Design Crush.

On another note, it's Friday! I must admit, this week has been a bit tough because of some work related projects, so I am very happy it's finally the weekend. I don't have any specific plans just yet, but there will probably be lots of friend time and maybe a spontaneous brunch. I am also really looking forward to finishing this book. How about you? Anything exciting going on?

And now, some fun links from this week:

The most beautiful song ever (from Blue Valentine.)

Ariel Pink on Jimmy Fallon. Amazing.

If you live in New York, or any city with mass transit, this will be familiar to you. Hotties on the subway!

My dream home.

And if I can't live there, I'll take this apt.

Women eating salad is apparently really funny.

Taschen is having a big sale. Get there early to score some of the very best art books published.

And in case you missed it, Karina's video for Alexandra Grecco.

Have a dreamy weekend! ♥


Maia McDonald :

Great links round-up, the women eating salads is hilarious! I hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend, sometimes it seems like the weekends can't come soon enough, right?

Chapstick Fanatic :

have a great weekend! that salad thing is really funny.


Claudia Cifuentes :

the Unhappy hipsters makes me crack up. did you see the "filed under" tags? pretty funny.

love the women eating salads.


Holy moly...those are paintings?! Amazing! xo

Jillian :

LOVE those prints! so so unique. also that apt is stunning. have a wonderful weekend! xoxo jcd

Val :

Amazing images!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Raquel :

Hotties on the Subway link? Genius. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Courtney at Scattering Lupines :

Great links... I like Karina's video (and the one about San Francisco).

Caroline :

Hahaha, I have seen the salad pictures before. But I hadn't seen Karina's video! I really love it. I keep on watching it. The song is really fun too!

sarah :

i can't wait to see Blue Valentine.

magdalena viktoria :

ah, to you as well!
some great links you got there! xxx

Whimsy Being :

happy weekend! those are beautiful paintings. thanks for sharing :)

danica :

gorgeous artworks. and a big YES to ariel pink on fallon - what a performance!

Signe :

Whoa! I am with you on the dream home! And I can't wait for Blue Valentine to start showing in Norway!

Have a happy weekend :)

Artfully Awear :

Oh wow, I love this artwork! Must add it to my inspiration file. Thanks for sharing!

Eliza Jane :

Wow, I LOVE this song!! I'm kind of addicted to it now. Which is kind of funny, as I'm single?! lol (PS: Lisa - when I was born, my name was *supposed* to be "Lisa-Michelle"!)

Krystal :

hotties on the subway is awesome!

Diana Mieczan :

Hope you are having a great weekend,sweetie..I love that hotties on the subway link..hahah
Hugs and kisses, darling

Galit :

These are mesmerizing!
I really enjoyed your linky list!!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Angelica Ng :

Wow, great paintings! Dreamy indeed.


Karina Cifuentes :

Caroline, thank you so much for the sweet comments on my video! It was definitely a lot of fun to shoot. :)

Mumbles :

Are those pictures paintings?
That's amazing, I thought they were photos
I definetely want one of them in my future appartment
nice post
hope you're having a nice week

♥ Marley

la mì :

Wonderful post!!!!
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