Yes, Please! Big-Hearted Macaroni + Cheese

(Photo via The Kitchn)

For those of you unaware, here in the Northeast, we have been graced with yet another dreary snowstorm. But what better way to have a snow day indoors than cooking up some good ol' comfort food. Thankfully, I just came across this really delicious looking mac + cheese recipe with artichokes - my fave. :) Now, it's just a matter of braving the walk to the grocery store!


Jillian :

YUM! that sounds SO good. i love the idea of adding artichokes! ..i def had mac n cheese for dinner last night :) xoxo jcd

magdalena viktoria :

that DOES look delicious! stay warm in all the snow xx

La Franglaise :

That mac n' cheese looks yummy!

Kattia :

i want to eat this!


OMG that looks so amazing! If only we could have it magically appear it would be even better! xo

{lovely little things} :

You can't beat a good mac & cheese!

Wendy :

Gah, noooo this is like kryptonite for a chick (like me) that's on a diet. :) Looks too yummy!

Apriljoy :

If only something like that came in as an option for Easy Mac! That looks so yummy!

jada and jon :

omg you are making me soo hungry.

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Noelle at Gray Paint Decor :

The perfect comfort food. I hope you guys get a break from all of that inclement weather!!

Amanda Swann :

Oh my goodness this is making me drool a bit;) I have major munchies right now, so that might have something to do with it.

The Cheeky Cafe

Diana Mieczan :

I so love mac n' cheese and this one looks totally great! Muah, my dear

Anonymous :

mac n' cheese is my favorite comfort food. This looks so good.

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