Videos We Love: KNTRLR "Kursk"

 I am so excited to share this hauntingly beautiful video for Brooklyn-based band, KNTRLR. The song is "Kursk," and not only are the visuals captivating, but the song is equally as enthralling.

Way to go, Charlie and Mike! You guys did an amazing job.

Imagery. Just because.

Since we're still filming "After the Wedding" in Miami, we haven't had too much down time, especially when it comes to blogging (sadly.) But every so often, I'll take a gander at Pinterest to seek a little inspiration, especially since I'm already thinking about our next project. :) Without description or reason, here are some photos I found awe-inspiring. Enjoy. :)

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Stay tuned for more...

The spooky season is approaching.

August is practically near end and I have a feeling September will whiz by, which means my favorite season is almost here. Fall. With this means Halloween, chilly weather, and one of my favorite food items -- pumpkins. :) How good does this roasted pumpkin with cheese on toast look? Can't wait to make it. :)

Artsy CO2 Neutral Hotel (Guest Post by Sarah Dodds)

The Hotel Fox isn't just a pretty face. It's environmentally-conscious hotel model is a green stamp of approval in a city like Copenhagen, where pretty much everyone takes an active role in being green. And when I was in Copenhagen for a couple of days last month, there was no other hotel I would have rather stayed at. Every room is different, all with reclaimed and vintage furniture chosen by the artist who designed the room. My Tijuana-inspired room (first image) was designed by Venezuelan artist Masa. It was fun and bright - very Day of the Dead. :) And for those native Miamians, Friends With You, a Miami-based artist collective, also has a couple rooms.

Hurray for cool hotels being environmentally friendly!

(Thanks for sharing the post, Sarah! xo)

We're shooting After the Wedding!

Our director, Claudia, in front of the monitor, watching the actors in action. 
Miami humidity gave us a dreamy feel on this poolside morning. 
The view from our balcony (I could get use to this.)

As some of you may know, we've been prepping for our very first feature film, "After the Wedding." And after months of getting ready for it, we are finally in Miami shooting! We are on day six and so far we've been able to capture some truly great stuff. I cannot wait to see how it will all come together. Until we officially wrap production, we may have a few guest bloggers to help us out (thank you, Persis and Alyssa!). But you can also follow us on our After the Wedding blog where we'll be sharing day-to-day updates, including diaries from our actors. 

Stay tuned for more!

Fall Bloom

Image via MSGM
Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean you need to trade-in your teal for tweed. Floral, painted prints and touches of whimsy are still in season and can easily be transitioned into fall. Pops of pastel that channel the 1960s are sprouting up all over. Pair with Karen Walker “Number One” sunnies and you’ll be walking on the bright side, even if the days are technically getting darker.

Image via The Magazine

Images via Fashion One 2012/Nasty Gal
Image via MSGM

Modernism in Guatemala City


So I think I just found my future summer home #wishfulthinking. And it happens to be in Guatemala, where our family is from, which would be a personal plus. :)

The home was designed by Alejandro Paz of PAZ Arquitectura and is located on a dense hillside forest in the Santa Rosalía area of Guatemala City.

"Corallo House integrates the existing forest into the layout of the house. It merges nature into the architectural intervention. The design process began with the aim to preserve the existing trees, in order to have the trees interact with the living space.

The floor plan is free of columns and the changes in level adapt to the existing topography. Both façades are mostly glass in order to connect the interior to the exterior. The main structural component is exposed concrete, which shows the rustic texture of the wood formwork, allowing a dialogue between the formal element and the textures of the forest."


PS - did you know Guatemala just won their first Silver medal in the Olympics? :)

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