Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Whew! The first week of 2011 is already behind us. How did everyone spend their first days of the year? Keeping up with the resolutions?

It's started to snow again here in NY, which I actually don't mind. Gives me a good excuse to continue watching movies indoors and perhaps host a game night. I am still housesitting this weekend and my friends have an amazing collection of games, so I feel I should do something about that. I am thinking about making this yummy appetizer if I do... How about you? Any fun weekend plans?

And now, some fun links from this week!

This is the cutest little girl in the world.

Whoa, the Olsen's have a hot little sister via Happenstance.

Ten new books to kick off the new year via Flavorwire.

ReadyMade's top DIY resolutions.

Really funny Argentinean commercial my sister just discovered.

Celebrity bedrooms on Elle Decor.

Beautiful post by Hearted Girl that includes an awesome photo of her parents. Too great not to share!

And in case you missed it, check out Karina's video for the lovely fashion designer, Alexandra Grecco.

Hope everyone stays warm this weekend! ♥


photohogger :

I didn't make any resolutions this year :)
Yummy recipe! Have a great weekend!!

Amanda Swann :

Hi there - I'm new to your blog and I love it! You have lots of pretty eyecandy, which I love. I'm now follower.


The Cheeky Cafe


Happy Weekend Ladies!!! xo

Krystal :

It was so fun to see a pic of the olsen's sister!!

Beaches and Peaches :

Omg that little girl is so cute. I love her!! I'll be rewatching this link a lot, thank you! Have a great weekend !!!! xo

Heart Charlie :

Love your blog and the links :) The "other Olsen" sister is so pretty! I am a new follower to your blog now!

Angelica Ng :

Dreamy indeed! So beautiful.


Signe :

And a happy weekend to you guys as well :)

And I never heard about the Olsen sister before but she looks great - how can she not with those genes?

Lynn :

those are sure some fun links and i; like so many others it seems, didn't know about beautiful, mysterious Olsen sis either. wowness.

thank you so much for your comment and sharing my post with such a lovely sentiment!!! you girls ROCK!

Jess :

Hope your weekend was lovely :)

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