Lovely Looks at the Globes

Michelle Williams: stunning.
Mila Kunis. Look at those lashes!
Natalie Portman. Love that lipstick. She's glowing!
Wow. Scarlett Johansson has the perfect complexion.
Emma Stone. Don't you love this up do?

Did any of you catch the red carpet looks at the Golden Globes? Although I didn't exactly watch the show (too many movies and shows I have not seen!) I gushed over the gorgeous ladies and their enviable looks. I have a wedding party next week. I might have to use this for inspiration.

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AbbieBabble :

It's so funny- I was so struck by how much I didn't like the rose on Natalie Portman's dress, I didn't even notice how much I liked her makeup. That lipstick is so cute!

Kattia :

if you go to you can see what makeup they used and how to put it on's one of my favorite sites!!!
love you!

Ana Degenaar :

I love Michelle Williams but hated her dress. They all looked stunning with their hair and make up though!

magdalena viktoria :

You should definitely use this as inspiration! You chose my favorite looks, though I didn't watch the actual show (wrong side of the world).
Natalie, Mila, and Scarlett--how I love thee.

rachelinaustin :

I'm with you! I record the red carpet and hear about who won what award later. There were some wonderful looks this year! <3

photohogger :

Have to agree with AbbieBabble on this one; that rose on Natalie's dress looked so childish...but her face was radiant!
Didn't care for Michelle Williams' dress...but loved Mila's!

Anonymous :

i am obsessed with emma stone's look!

Karina Cifuentes :

That is awesome, Kati! Thanks for the tip. I'm totally going to use it. :)


Artfully Awear :

They're all beautiful, but I was so shocked when I saw Emma Stone--what a transformation! She always looks great, though.

Claudia Cifuentes :

I didn't even recognize Emma Stone without her red hair. She looked beautiful though!

Krystal :

scar jo is always sooo pretty!!

Raquel :

Emma Stone's look is gorgeous. It was my favorite of the night! The minimalist dress, natural but stunning make up, and that up do is so pretty!

Amanda Swann :

I really like scarlett's dress, but her hair was a bit Bride of Frankenstein and it took away from the whole look.

The Cheeky Cafe

denene @ style and inspiration :

Love Mila. Scarlett looks like Bride of Frankinstein. Sorry! She's gorgeous though.

Karina Cifuentes :

haha I do agree with you, Denene. But despite ScarJo's crazy coiffe, she's still so pretty!

Beaches and Peaches :

I love all these up-do's! this has inspired me to take more care in putting my hair up, and make pretty up do's more often. It looks so chic!

Beaches and Peaches :

Um, I am also a redhead and honestly, after seeing Emma Stone I'm considering trying out the platinum blonde look.

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