Dreamy Escape: Mykonos, Greece

(pictured above: Apanema Resort Hotel, images via NYTimes)

I vowed not to make New Years resolutions this year, only because I rarely keep them past March. However, the desire to travel is so ingrained in my set of goals for the year, I know I'm going to make it happen! I have recently become obsessed with the idea of traveling to Mykonos, Greece. Everything about the culture and landscape seems incredible. The perfect winter getaway for 2011. :)

Have any of you been to Mykonos? Would love to know your thoughts!

P.S. Check out Beaches and Peaches photos from her trip there -- Wow!


Beaches and Peaches :

Thank you so much for linking to my photos. I LOVE yours, too! They are gorgeous... i want to go back!!!!!! xoxo

p.s. I love your blog, always something new and pretty. :)

Whimsy Being :

Wow, this looks so dreamy. Sadly, I've never been :/

Chapstick Fanatic :

i have been wanting to go to greece for years!


rubi :

We went to santorini last year and loved it. I would love to take a boat from the greek islands to turkey someday. I think a travel bew years resolution is great.

Ana* :

This place looks dreamy. I made it a resolution to travel more this year. Greece & Italy are on my list.

Ps. Thanks for your sweet comment at my blog.


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