A table for friends

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Speaking of nature-inspired furniture, wouldn't it be fun to have a farm table with benches? Would be perfect for a casual Italian dinner with red wine + good friends.

P.S. This one is nice too.


Diana Mieczan :

That is so true! I would love one in my home:) Hugs and kisses, my dear
Happy Monday

Chapstick Fanatic :

when we have a bigger dining room, i definitely want to get a BIG farmhouse table. chairs on one side and a bench on the other.

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Katie*Belle :

That sounds like such a lovely scenario!

Jillian :

love love benches, and wish i had a great exposed brick wall like that! lovely photos :) xoxo jcd

Claudia Cifuentes :

Agree with you, Jillian. Exposed brick somehow makes everything better looking. :)

rachelinaustin :

Beautiful tables!!


Farm tables are the best with some candles, wine, good food and friends! Happy Monday to you. xo

Lynn :

awe, i like the title of this post especially much! friends gathering around a table, any table, is always a good thing. that one is so awesome. love the clean lines and height transition. ♥

Noelle at Gray Paint Decor :

I'll take those pivoting doors too. xoxo

Heart Charlie :

Farm table + bench = lovely, cozy dinning! And I love your photos.

Brandi :

I've always wanted a great big farm table to fit family and friends at for dinner parties. Something about the wood just makes it so warm and feel like home. I love the two you choose here.

Amanda Swann :

I have a bench at my table and I love it!!

The Cheeky Cafe

Claudia Cifuentes :

Thanks Brandi. Yeah my sisters have a similar table in their backyard in Brooklyn and it's always great for parties. One day, one day... :)

Marisa Midori :

These are fantastic. P.S. Love that your guys are sisters and blog together. I keep trying to get my sister into blogging but no dice so far.

Claudia Cifuentes :

Marisa, blogging with sisters is fun! It's a great way to come together as we get busier with age. Hopefully your sisters will give in one day! And if not, your blog is cute. Good luck on your thesis! xo

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