Edible Selby: Tartine Bakery

Oh my goodness, how did I just realize that Todd Selby is starting a new feature for the New York Times Magazine's T Magazine called Edible Selby? This is so awesome and I'm thrilled to see that the first feature is of Tartine, quite possibly my favorite bakery in the world. More mouth-watering pictures can be found here. ♥


Chapstick Fanatic :

i am hungry now.

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AbbieBabble :

I'm with chapstick fanatic. Now I am hungry. And I want to go to San Francisco even more than I did ten minutes ago.

But I also really want to read this feature. A lot.

Jillian :

wowzah these photos are making me hungry! xoxo jcd

Beaches and Peaches :

omg those strawberries look amazing. i'm salivating at my desk. Where is this bakery? must visit soon!
Thank you for these beautiful shots. xo

magdalena viktoria :

ooh wow, deeeleeecious!

Signe :

Oh my! I think I could kill for one of those banana tarts right now!

Ana Degenaar :

I want to be her... Or friends with her. This is genius!

Ariel Maile Adkins :

Ahh, my mouth is watering!

Krystal :

this makes me want to own a bakery. or work in one, I don't even care as long as I get to try the things!

Ella :

love the selby! so glad to hear about this!

Whimsy Being :

I can't wait to see what's next for Edible Selby ..I ate at Tartine on a recent trip to SF and it was so beyond :)

Kattia :

my home break I love this place!

parisa mahmoudi :

Mmmmm, yummy post,thank you for the links! :)

photohogger :

Fantastic idea!! LOVE IT!!! NYUM NYUM!

alexandra grecco :

oh my oh my! those strawberries look amazing! Miss you lady!


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