Cooking With Miriam

(Photos by Ben McIntire)

It gives me pleasure beyond pleasure to share with you our Mom's new company, Cooking With Miriam, where she will teach private + group cooking classes, specializing in South and Central American cuisine, in her home in Forest Hills, New York.

Since we were little girls, our Mom has always spoiled us with the most amazing meals. So much so that we didn't feel the need to learn to cook until we were in our twenties, left to fend for ourselves in college (I don't miss those cereal-for-dinner days!)

So now, after much pleading from friends and family, she will finally share her culinary secrets. Ceviche, Homemade Empanadas, Chilaquilas, Tacquitos -- these are just some of the delicious recipes that she will be sharing in her interactive cooking classes.

If you live in New York, or will be visiting some time soon, and want a unique culinary experience, while learning how to make great tacos for your next dinner party, definitely check it out! xo! | If you'd like to learn more, visit: Cooking With Miriam


Kattia :

yay! i would totally do this!

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