Film: Belle de Jour (1967)

When I first thought of posting about Catherine Deneuve, I wasn't sure if I should write it as a Dreamy Dame post, or focus more on one of her movies. She's beautiful in everything she does, but after refreshing my memory and doing a little research, I decided to write about her most memorable role to me as Séverine Serizy in Belle de Jour.

Directed by Luis Buñuel, the movie is about a wealthy young newlywed, Séverine, who has become bored in her marriage. Although she loves her husband, she wants danger and excitement! So what's a girl to do? Become a prostitute at a brothel, of course. Things are fine and dandy for awhile because she finally feels alive, but as in real life, everything gets pretty complicated when you lead a double life.

As always, Deneuve is incredibly stunning in this provocative role. She has the perfect combination of beauty, mystery and elegance.

Another one of my fave films that she's in? Dancer in the Dark. More on that one in the future.


Claudia Cifuentes :

She's so beautiful. Even today, she takes the term aging gracefully to a whole other level. Gorgeous.

Jenny Morris :

she is such a babe!!!!

Kattia :

dancer in the dark... top 5 fav movies of all time!!! loved this post

Platform :

I just love her style in this movie. I need to see it again!

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