Have A Dreamy Thanksgiving Weekend!

(Image via Smitten Kitchen)

Get your drawstring pants ready because we are officially one day away from Thanksgiving!

Claudia, Lisa Michelle and I will be heading to our parent's house in Queens to mark the holiday with a lavish dinner cooked by our Mom. The girls and I plan on bringing a few hors d'oeuvres to get the party started, and I think I finally found what I will make: sweet potatoes with pecans and goat cheese (pictured above). Don't they look drool worthy? I'm sure the festivities will be followed by food coma and great conversation, my favorite part of holiday dinners. ;)

How will you celebrate your Thanksgiving? We would love to know!

This will be our last post for the weekend. We hope you all have a lovely holiday and can't wait to see you again Monday!

And! as always, link time...

You still have time! Last minute Thanksgiving recipes (c/o Martha Stewart)

Seven Black Friday sales. Best of luck to those brave enough! (c/o NY Mag)

For those unruly hair days, 6 great hairstyles for hats (c/o Refinery 29)

Gift ideas from ten tastemakers (c/o Style.com)

I want these! Embroidered Silk Hot Pants (c/o Polyvore)

Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo


Katy :

You can't beat a good food coma! Enjoy the pleasure & the pain of over-eating.

Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Yes! Food coma, here I come.

Have a great holiday, Katy!


Connie @ SogniESorrisi :

Looks delicious! Happy Thanksgiving!

Design Elements :

looks yummy :-) Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous :

Happy Thanksgiving to the Cifuentes girls and their blog followers

Krystal :

Have a fabulous day!!! I celebrated mine last weekend :):)

Whimsy Being :

Happy Thanksgiving! The food image looks delectable :)

Angelica Ng :

Mmm yum! Getting in the mood for celebration!


the southern hostess :

Great links! Love your fantastic blog!

abigail oliveros :

oh yes, Bon Iver must be one of the greatest band I have ever heard and the great thing is that they can actually sing! I find that many artist these days use machineries for their voice making unnatural which takes away from being a true artist. I'm still waiting for a band that can over top my obsession with Bon Iver but so far I haven't found them and I'm not complaining.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is over for us but I will be spending my weekend with friends and baking cookies! thank you for asking :)

Fashion Cappuccino :

Yummy recipe!! I want those hot pants too! xoxoxoo

Diana Mieczan :

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my dears:)
We celebrate it with a group of friends:) Its all about the food, good company and French wine for us:)
Hugs and kisses

Diana Mieczan :

Btw: I linked you in my Friday round up:) I just adore the rainbow cups:) Muah

the runaway romantique :

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! here in France we don't celebrate it so I'm missing turkey :)

- the runaway

Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Thanks for linking us, Diana! Hope you had a lovely holiday!


megferdaze :

oh my them taters looks good!

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