Have a Dreamy Weekend!

(Images courtesy of Creatures of Comfort)

One of my favorite things is finding jewelry made with unexpected materials. Take this Michelle Lane Systematic line, made from hand-sewn rope. Lane, who is a professional stylist, was inspired by fashion and physics. Wow! The dreamy necklaces are available at my favorite online store, Creatures of Comfort, where I'm also hunting for a good winter boot (recommendations welcome!)

And now, I bid you a lovely weekend along with our tradition of view-worthy links!

Band to watch: Headless Horseman (c/o Stereogum)

Who Knew Miami Had Hipsters? I did, I did! (c/o Refinery 29)

For my fellow veggies, good piece on must-visit veggie restaurants! (NY Mag)

House Plants for the Inept. Don't judge. (NY Times)

What a frisky dolphin! (The Frisky)

And! In case you missed it, my video for the lovely Alexandra Grecco.


Jenny Morris :

these are such classy pieces of jewelry! and i too love unexpected materials...it makes more of a statement. your blog is so fresh, i love it!


Karina Cifuentes :

I know. And who knew rope could be so pretty!

Thanks, Jenny!


Jen :

Cute! Am I still an honorary Cifuentes sister? I hope so. Hope you are doing well! xo

Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Yes, my dear, you are!


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