Surprise Tuesday Night Post

I know we don't always post on weeknights, but I just found a very cool site that I just had to share with you. Maybe you already know it, but I just discovered Textbook and have easily spent the last hour or so reading almost every post from the past year. It's so much fun. The site's author, John is not only a fashion aficionado, but also quite the literary and history buff. He's combined his two loves to create Textbook, where he pairs his fave characters with clothes he would imagine them wearing by our fave designers. The above photo is what Joan of Arc would wear (Aquilano Rimondi, Rodarte and Alexander McQueen). Which of course reminds me of one of my favorite Smiths songs, Bigmouth Strikes Again.

If you like Textbook, also check out the similar feature, Now and Then on Size Too Small. It is equally as awesome.

Check out more must-read fashion blogs here, courtesy of Refinery 29.


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