Have a Dreamy Weekend! + Dreamy Wish List

(Image courtesy of Etsy)

Thanksgiving is next week, which means Christmas follows closely after. This year I'm determined to be prepared with my gift list to give and receive. Between now and the anticipated holiday, I will post a few items from my "wish list." First up: this tub caddy made of Reclaimed Oak from a Broken Down Hardware Store, available on Etsy. I'm a big bath taker, but finally, I don't have to rescue my ipod each time I move around a bit, as it flings into the air and lands submerged in soapy water. Rejoice!

What's on your wish list?

And as always, our list of view-worthy links from around the web!

How-to: setting a thanksgiving table for friends (c/o NY Times)

Pumpkin Pie making workshop, for New Yorkers. I can't get enough pumpkin pie. Seriously. (c/o Flavorpill)

In cased you missed it: Lykke Li's new video for her single "Gimme Some" -- so good! (c/o Platform)

We continue to love this girl. Interview with "Tiny Furniture" director, Lena Dunham (c/o Interview Magazine)

Good for the soul: Kindness is everything (c/o Goodlife Zen)

Have a dreamy weekend! xo


Emelie - C'est LA vie :

Ohh that looks heavenly! Love the wood against the white tub...

Krystal :

I totally need a pumpkin pie making workshop :)

Angelica Ng :

Ohhh that's so lovely. Makes me want to get in and relax...


Anonymous :

the bath tub caddy is so cute! a pair of miu miu heels are on my wishlist but i know for certain i wont be getting them haha!


Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Oh, Miu Miu heels sound divine! I would love to see them. ;)


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