Spoil Yourself

I picked up Claus Porto Mineral Bath Salts, this weekend in Hudson, and am in ♥. I'll admit, I bought them for the beautiful eye-candy packaging, but after using them last night, it turns out the salts themselves truly are amazing. From Portugal, each one has a unique scent like Citron Verbena and Iris Lavender, and the minerals leave your skin feeling baby soft, perfect for the upcoming change in weather. Spoil Yourself :) | Claus Porto

P.S. Loving the gift sets too.

(Photo via I'll Know It When I See It)


Whimsy Being :

These look so luxurious and soothing. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love your blog already :)

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Aw, thanks! We recently found yours too and love it!

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