Lust List: Winter Coats

It's that time of year... Winter coat shopping time! I've been wearing the same purple winter coat for a few years too long now. It started out puffy and chic, and now its looking sad and a little too Grey Gardens if you know what I mean. (Hello, grocery cart!) So I've decided to do a little online hunting in an effort to revamp my look. What do you think of these lovelies?

Loving the dramatic collar on this coat by Max Azria (above)...

And this cute military-inspired parka by Marc Jacobs...

And J. Crew. Simple yet they always gets it right...

And Stella McCartney. A girl can dream, right?...

What about you, sweet peeps? What coat will you be wearing this year? xo!

P.S. See more fab coats here (Fall) and here (Winter).


Easmanie :

Why does J Crew always get it right? My poor poor wallet:)

Claudia Cifuentes :

I hear ya, Easmanie! definitely not always easy on the wallet!

Croatian_Latina :

I have a white coat,but it gets dirty Especially carrying around a 2 year old. so I'm looking into buying a gray one. J. crew or BR come to mind. I might wait until I get to the states though. cause prices here are outrageous!

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