Hip Restaurant: Marlow & Sons, Brooklyn

This weekend Alex + I ventured to South Williamsburg's Marlow & Sons. It's been getting great recognition, for a few years now, for pioneering the local food movement in Brooklyn (even being featured on The Martha Stewart Show), but us Manhattanites shamefully never got around to going. Well, I'm so glad we finally did. The food is truly amazing. To start, we had the most perfect dirty martinis, and mouth-watering oysters, from Cape Cod, served by our very knowledgeable and friendly wait staff.

For our entrees I had haddock in a cauliflower puree, and Alex feasted on a pulled pork sandwich (with rosemary mayo - yum!) And for dessert we had the most decadent caramel chocolate cake with sea salt that I am seriously still thinking about. Marlow & Sons has officially been added to my fave list. And their store is pretty cool too. ♥

(Photos via Ontheinside and Travel & Leisure)


suzi johnson :

Love the photos. Aching for a ny trip.

Whimsy Being :

This restaurant sounds so tasty! Pretty photos :)

Krystal :

I want to go there! the name is even cool :)

Claudia Cifuentes :

Definitely make it a stop on your next visit! xo

megferdaze :

all of that sounded so mouth watering! im glad you had a chance to check out the place. its hard to get around but its always so worth it.

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