Backpack Love in Somewhere


When I saw the film Somewhere, I was totally smitten with Cleo's (Elle Fanning) style. Her outfits were so age appropriate but not age limiting. But one of my favorite items was the yellow backpack she toted around throughout the film. The cutie pack is by Swedish brand Fjällräven, which kids have been using since the 70s.

I really want one! I wonder if Swedes would feel the same about Jansport? ♥


magdalena viktoria :

this would be a nice way to brighten up any outfit, cool!

Ana Degenaar :

Oh those Swedes are unable to do anything wrong. I want one too.

nadia :

Ooo how was the film? I have yet to see it still.

Love the backpack.. super cute!

xo Nadia

Whimsy Being :

Love the cute! I still haven't seen this yet...need to change that. :)

Dancing Branflake :

So fun, functional, and stylish. Love it!

Raquel :

Elle Fanning is so stylish! And she is like, 14. When I was 14 I embodied the word "awkward."

LAURA!!! :

oh so great!


Oh em gee....I totally rocked a Jansport for many years! But this yellow number is fantastic! xx

Krystal :

Haha I used to have one of those :)

Jen :

Oh wow, I love this bag too!! The color is so fun :-)

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

Signe :

I love Fjällräven Kånken! I have one in black with red bands and it is just the best buy ever :)

Have a great Sunday!

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