Happy Birthday, Karina!

Me with my new doll, Karina...
Was she not the cutest thing ever?
And those jammies?.... (And check out Lisa's hair below. Gotta love the 80's!)
And then there was three... The year was 1985. The third sister was born. Karina, the "baby". Now we were a pack. Like Care Bears we were going to unite forces, and radiate light from our bellies to make the world a better place. Ok, not really. There was going to be hair pulling, biting, my Mom having to pull over the car because someone was in a headlock... oh, the joys of sisterhood.

Karina, we are so glad you were born, and became the third sister. You complete us. We love you SO very much! Candy + alien toes! Happy Birthday! xoxo! Love, your two big sisters


Miriam :

My Girls, You look adorable in those pictures...so many memories:)
Happy Birthday Karina!

My Owl Barn :

These photographs are wonderful! Happy birthday to your sister :)

Platform :

I feel like such a lucky girl - I have the most amazing two big sisters ever! Love you both! xoxoxo

p.s. Lisa really needs to bring that hair back!

Anonymous :

OH my god. karina you are soooo cute. but seriously lisa... THAT HAIR! I'm dying......


Lisa Michelle :

I know, it's so mortifying. I have no idea how it got that big but I am grateful that period in my (hair) life is over. Sheesh!

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