Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope everyone had a nice week and has exciting plans for this weekend. I wanted to share with you two new restaurants that recently opened up in Brooklyn in case you are in the area soon and want to try something new.

For our sister Karina's birthday yesterday, we had lunch at the lovely Cafe Colette in Williamsburg. It was wonderful! The decor is absolutely stunning, with washed out teal walls, 60s bulb chandeliers and an array of colorful flowers that brighten up the space. It reminds me of a rustic French beach house. And of course, the food and cocktails are also quite nice. I highly recommend the cold noodles with seared tuna or the lobster roll. They are quite delicious.

Photos by Nicole Franzen

Another cute new place to try is Haab. Their tacos are good, filling and inexpensive. But more importantly, they have chocolate flan. It was heaven on a plate. If you need a reason to visit East Williamsburg, this is it.

And now, some fun links from around the web.

Have a great weekend, friends!

Lisa Michelle


Punctuation Mark :

i wish i would've seen these places a week ago and probably would've made it there while in NY... have a great weekend!!!

Lisa Michelle :

Yeah, there are so many new places opening up constantly around here so it's hard to keep up. Hope you had a good time while you were here. Btw, I like your blog! :)

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