Guest Post by Lisa Michelle: Brooklyn Brunch Roundup

Hello friends! I hope you all had an amazing and relaxing weekend. Mine was quite nice, filled with lots of friends, an art project or two, and of course, the mandatory weekend brunch. On Saturday, I was invited by my friend Jess to venture out to Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens. A quick hop on the G line and I was there in less than 30 minutes from my apartment in Williamsburg. I know it's not exactly a new restaurant, but the food was so good, I just had to tell you (I had the lox scramble and it was delish.)

So based on my great experience there and because I am always swapping restaurant recommendations with friends and strangers, I thought I would post today a quick roundup of my favorite brunch spots. Of course, they all happen to be in Brooklyn, but that's because I have trouble leaving the borough! (With everything I need here, it's a bit difficult, what can I say?) So without further ado, please find my favorites below.

Mesa Coyoacan: Best Mexican brunch ever. And the service and ambience are great too. I have tried so many dishes from their menu, and pretty much love everything. And their cocktails! Brunch is always better when accompanied by a tamarind margarita.

Roebling Tea Room: Brunch at its best. My favorite is their smoked salmon with pumpernickel, beet relish and creme fraiche.

Photo by Jazz F.

Fada: quaint French bistro. Everything here is amazing. I tend to stick with the oeufs Novegiens (which are actually not pictured here.)

Photo by Mike C.

Second Stop Cafe: They serve Stumptown Coffee and have, hands down, the best homemade granola with fruit and yogurt. (Note: this is definitely more of a cafe, so don't plan a big group gathering here. Good for the solo or working brunch.)

What are some of your favorite places for brunch?


Platform :

I've been to Juliette (in Brooklyn) on various occasions, and they never disappoint!

JA :

Brunch in NYC is sacred - this is an awesome roundup of some amazing spots. Will def check out Second Stop Cafe!

Lisa Michelle :

Sacred indeed! And yes, Second Stop is def worth a visit. Hope you enjoy it!

Platform :

Great list! Ever been to Juliette in Williamsburg? They never disappoint!

Lisa Michelle :

I love Juliette! Especially their rooftop in the summertime!

The Ryan Adair :

LMC is the ultimate brunch GURU.

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Ryan! Let's do brunch this weekend! You can pick the spot, I need new places.

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