Film: Breathless (1960)

It's a bit cloudy here in NYC today. The perfect day to curl up on the sofa (who needs to work?!), and watch Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless. Starring the wickedly handsome Jean-Paul Belmondo (trouble with a capital T), and the stunning Jean Seberg, this classic film is about a charming young thief on the run in Paris, who tries to seduce his young American girlfriend (Seberg) into escaping with him.

The plot is a bit loose, but to me the characters are the real draw here -- especially the acting and chemistry between Belmondo and Seberg, which is very real and natural in a way that hadn't been seen before. Sexy, stylish + completely groundbreaking in it's non-narrative structure, I highly recommend adding this film to your collection. Buy: Criterion

P.S. -- For some style inspiration, check out Beauty Icon: Jean Seberg


Every Little Counts :

oh, breathless. did you get a chance to see the re-release at the film forum a little while ago?

as for jean seberg... she is unreal, isn't she? i just recorded Lilith, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. it's next on my list.


I know! Totally bummed I missed it! I'm sure it was amazing in 35mm projection.

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