Cookbook: Cuisine a Latina

As anyone who has scanned my blog can probably quickly figure out -- I am partial to Latin food. I can't help it. My parents are Guatemalan, I was born in Queens, and raised in New York and Miami, microcosms of Latin America. So when I stumbled upon Chef Michelle Bernstein's amazing cookbook, Cuisine a Latina, I was thrilled.

My sisters + I actually gave it to my Mom last year as a birthday gift, but I recently "borrowed" it and have been salivating over every page. She takes traditional Latin recipes, and gives them a delicious, modern makeover (e.g. blue cheese and ham croquetas with fig marmalade). I highly recommend it if you would like to add a great new Latin cookbook to your collection. Here is one of her mouth-watering recipes, in case you'd like to preview... Crispy Arepitas with Mozzarella and Chorizo and more at Miami's Hottest Latin Party. | Cook: Cuisine a Latina


kirstyb :

i love food x

Beckerman Girls :

It sounds like an amazing cookbook!! You are making me hungry! hahah! xoox
xo The Beckerman Girls


Yes, lots of yummy recipes! :)

paula :

anything with blue cheese has to good, right?

Chelsea Talks Smack :

oooo, i have to get this!

Bridget :

YUM, i am always on the lookout for a good cookbook.


Bridget, your photos of Italy are amazing! xo

Charlotta Ward :

My mouth is watering!
Am a huge fan of cookbooks - I have far too many.. but would love to add this one to my collection as I have none for Latino food. Yum!

Thanks for the tip!

x Charlotta

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