Guest Post by Lisa Michelle: Summer Surfing

Hello everyone! I'm Claudia's sister, Lisa, and your new guest blogger for the month of August. I am so excited to be posting this month and thought I would start off with work from the amazing photographer, Matt Schwartz. My friend Alyssa turned me onto him a little while ago and I've been dying to purchase some of his work. (Come to think of it, is it too late for more birthday presents?)

I love the nostalgic dreaminess of his photos. Makes me really wish I was in southern California right about now.


s. :

LOVE that photography!

Three Llamas :

Aren't they great?! PS: love your blog. Good luck with the goals, they sound fun!

sonobruta :

Hey Sky!
i miss the heavy sun sometimes,
right now its fog city in fog city...

miss you!

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