Film: Paris, Texas (1984)

One of my favorite films, by far, is Paris, Texas (which you can Watch Instantly via Netflix). Directed by Wim Wenders, it's the story about a mysterious man named Travis Henderson, played by Harry Dean Stanton, and his quest to reconnect with his past and reunite with his family. Nastassja Kinski is perfectly cast as his wife, with her broody good looks and ability to deliver powerfully emotional dialogue directly to the camera. I love everything about this film because despite the story being so tragic, it's actually very beautiful and inspiring.

I don't know what made me think of it today, but if the weather stays as rainy as it has been the last couple of days, I know what I'm doing tonight.

And on another note, this movie makes me really want a pink sweater dress.

Lisa Michelle


Punctuation Mark :

i love Wim Wenders... he is one of the best directors of our time!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Sadly, I don't think I've ever seen his other work. I am adding Buena Vista Social Club to my Netflix queue!

Mango Gal :

I've never seen this movie before, looks like I'm gonna have to rent it!

Every Little Counts :

thanks for reminding me... i need to watch this again.

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