Happy Hour: Dark 'n Stormy Cocktails

Have you guys tried Dark 'n Stormys before? The cocktail is simply made with ginger beer + rum and is SO refreshing. Perfect for this time of year. Or any time really! I'm not even a ginger person, but something about this mixture, with the rum (and a touch of lime for me), makes it feel light. I especially ♥ them at Caracas, in Brooklyn. And with arepas? Pure heaven. :) Here is the original recipe + an interesting story in case you're enticed. Almost Friday!... xo

P.S. Also, great Dark 'n Stormy how-to video (via Love at First Shop)

(Photo by 1Bluecanoe)


Charlotta Ward :

Yum! I am so trying this when it gets a bit warmer here in Sydney.

xx Charlotta

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