The Gilt of Vacation Packages...

I'm usually a bit skeptical of "invitation-only" websites, but when I came across Voyage Prive recently, via a friend's Facebook post, I was willing to put my skepticism aside (pretty pictures work!). Voyage Prive is a website with flash sales of vacation packages. As of this post, they are posting some pretty good deals in case you wanna book a last-minute-summer's-almost-over trip (photos from top to bottom): 5-night deluxe package at The Corinthia Hotel in Malta $429.00; 2-night deluxe package at The Excelsior Hilton in Palmero $189.00; 7-day Mexican Rivera Cruise package $459.00; 14-days Viking cruise from Iceland to Greenland $4,109.00) Consider yourself invited: Voyage Prive


Lisa Michelle :

Oooooh, this is awesome. and slightly dangerous for my wallet!

paula :

wow, sounds fabulous!

Krystal :

oh wow, i'm checking that out!

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