MAC Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolor

(From left to right: Mama Cifuentes, me, my sisters Lisa Michelle + Karina)

Last night I was looking at our wedding album again (dreamy sigh), and I remembered I wanted to post on the lipstick that saved my wedding... MAC's Pro Longwear Lip Color. This lipstick is amazing. I think I reapplied only once the entire day of my wedding, and it never got dry like a lot of long lasting lipsticks. The color that my sisters and I are wearing (above) is Lasting Lust (I had to go to two stores to hunt down because it sells out quickly), but it comes in a variety of colors. If your big day is coming up (Kati, that means you wink, wink) or any special occasion, I highly recommend this lipstick. But be prepared to share. By the end of my wedding day, even my grandmother wanted in on this lipstick wonder. ;) xo Smile: MAC Pro Longwear Lip Color

(Wedding photo by Heather Funk)


sonobruta :

i getting it!!! you guys look too pretty!

sonobruta :

haha...I showed Owen this post and he was like: "i like post but
when I see "Mac Pro"
I think of the computer".
Such a boy!!


Lol! Definitely a boy comment! Congrats again to you both! xoxo!

Every Little Counts :

i think i need to score some of this! i'm always looking for long lasting lipstick.

you guys look beautiful!

don't you wish you could travel back in time and re-live your wedding all over again? not to do anything differently, but just to experience it again. i remember wishing the night would never end. truly magical. ah, i love weddings!


Thank you, Every Little Counts! Yes, weddings are the best! Great blog by the way -- let's bring back Matt Dillon! ;) xo

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