Have a Dreamy Weekend!

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I was on the subway recently and noticed this very pretty girl with very pretty nails. Upon closer look, I realized she had a moon manicure! Now, after some research, I realize this is not the newest thing, but I had never seen it before! I was totally in love. And oddly enough, nails and manicures have really been coming up lately in random conversations with friends. Is this a trend or just coincidence?

Other manicure looks I'm loving: Minx, as seen above, and Peacock Nails, as seen on Jen Kao's Fall 2011 Collection.

And on another note, it's Friday! Any fun plans this weekend?

And now for some fun links for you:

New music from Gang Gang Dance.

Cool interview with Peter Hale, friend and confidante of Allen Ginsberg.

Crazy pop-culture inspired homes.

Cute video on the Dusen Dusen homepage.

Love this Brooklyn family and their great home.

A guide to sparkling wine.

Fun wallpaper.

Have a great weekend!


fashionhogger :

Love the crescent moon manicure! When Sex And The City 2 came out; Samantha had them and then Glamour did a post on how to do it. I tried it out for a wedding last summer and loved it!

Thanks for your sweet comments ladies!

Have a great weekend!

Pilar :

oooh love the manis! and thanks for sharing the guide to sparkling wine, a fun skill to try to hone over the weekend :)

Signe :

Love the Guide to 5 Sparkling Wines, can never get enough of that :)

Suite Henry :

Dita von Teese always sports them. She has a whole bit about how to do this look in her book.

It's pretty cool. I'm never this ballsy with my nails.

Marie :

I hope you are having a fun weekend.:D

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I finally had the chance to visit yours.:D Following!:D

***** Marie *****

Krystal :

I like the first nails a lot!! and that Brooklyn home is insanely wonderful. jealous.


So funny! I toatally just made a pact with myself the other day to make sure i always have pretty nails in attempt to make myself feel good.
Think i'd need to get someone to do the crescent moon for me tho lol :)


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