Film: Claire's Knee (1970)

I recently watched Claire's Knee, directed by French New Wave director Eric Rohmer, and was reminded of how much I love European films from the 70's.

The story is about a man named Jerome who visits his friend Aurora, at beautiful Lake Annecy in France, during his last summer as a bachelor. Aurora, a writer, is unconvinced that he is finally going to settle down. Looking for creative inspiration, she encourages her friend Jerome to flirt with the teenage sisters, Laura and Claire, living in the house where she rents a room.

Jerome is mostly uninterested, but plays along to amuse Aurora. But one afternoon, after catching a glimpse of Claire's knee, he develops a strong desire to caress it. The film follows Jerome, as he deals with his unexpected interest in Claire, one month before his wedding. The film is the fifth movie in a critically acclaimed series called Six Moral Tales.

I highly recommend watching this film. While seemingly provocative, it's actually surprising in it's payoff (I won't give away the ending in case you want to watch), but also funny and truthful in it's insights on relationships. Watch: Claire's Knee

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Taj Acosta :

Thanks for sharing this looks good! Lovely blog btw! xo

Claudia Cifuentes :

thanks Taj! It's not for everyone but if you've liked other new wave films you may like. ;)

Krystal :

I totally want to see this.

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