Tomboy Style

I just found this awesome blog, Tomboy Style. Have you guys seen it before? I am in love with every photo Lizzie Garrett posts. Especially the one above! Can you believe that's the First Daughter Susan Ford washing her car outside The White House in 1975? (via The Ford Library). I love how she looks like a fun California girl -- tan, athletic and slightly breezy. Like she's ready to take her surfboard to the beach.

The good news is that the blog is being made into a book next spring, published by Rizzoli. I am so looking forward to adding it to my coffee table.


Noodles and Waffles :

What a great picture. She does look like a California girl here.

Katie*Belle :

How cool! That photo is fantastic - and inspirational.

Whimsy Being :

Thanks for introducing me to an awesome site. Bookmarked!

Claudia Cifuentes :

I'm obsessed! They all have such great style!

photohogger :

Very nice! Must be nice to live somewhere WARM! ARGH! lol

nadia :

Awesome! Love new blog recommendations! Thanks for sharing!

xx Nadia

Kimia Kline :

awesome find!

Sara Szatmary :

oo what a good site suggestion! I'm headed there now!

ChantaleP :

At first glance I thought that was Reese Witherspoon.. Love the image too! I'm all for Cali style..

Pilar :

What a fun blog! thanks for sharing :)

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