Our 1 year wedding anniversary

A year ago, this Sunday, my husband, Alejandro, and I got married at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach, surrounded by our closest friends and family. It was truly the most magical day of my life. Here are a few photos, I want to share, from our special day. xo

P.S. Mama + Papa Cifuentes celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this past Monday. Congrats, Mom + Dad!

Our beach ceremony...

Karina, as one of my bridesmaids, looking stunning...

Lisa Michelle, my amazing and gorgeous maid of honor...

Our family and friends looking fabulous + glam...

Walking down the aisle with proud Papa Cifuentes...

My most special ladies...

The fellas looking quite dapper...

Sister love.

(Photos by Heather Funk ♥)

A special note to my Alex: Thank you for being the best husband, and loving me for being me. Whether I'm being silly or moody or chewing caramel popcorn too loud during movies (sorry, its so crunchy!) or wearing my "saggy butt jeans" -- You love me just the same. And I love you. Even though you sometimes steal my extra pillow while I'm asleep. And weekly stain our white shag rug with hot sauce. I feel incredibly, incredibly blessed to have you as my man. Hot sauce stains and all. Te amo muchisimo, Mrs. Big Head xoxoxo


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Claudia Cifuentes :

Thank you Maria! xo

Jenny Morris :

this wedding is so dreamy and perfect - and everyone is dressed to a t. you look gorgeous (you ARE gorgeous!) and im so glad you found your person :)


Claudia Cifuentes :

aw, thanks for the sweet sweet comment Jenny! ps. - i still want your hair :)

Kattia :

too cute for words!!! can't wait to get there!

Signe :

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! and it looks like you guys had a lovely wedding :)

Krystal :

Aw, happy 1 year! The pictures are so so pretty - how neat that you got ot have it on a beach!

photohogger :

Wow, I love your dress!!! Great photographs. Looks like it was a very beautiful wedding!
Happy 1st Year :)

Claudia Cifuentes :

Thank you photohogger! It's JCrew. I love the photos on your blog by the way. Especially that Indian wedding - gorgeous!

Lynn :

oh wow, i was strolling through your beauty of a blog and arrived at these stunning photos of your wedding day. you and alex look so happy and in love! everything is picture perfect, sandy beach, rolling waves...gorgeous ladies and gents from all angles. 100% adored. ♥

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