Have a Dreamy Weekend!

(Pics via Urban Outfitters)

Our lovely and super talented friend Celia Rowlson-Hall was recently featured over on the Urban Outfitters blog and she looks absolutely stunning! Celia was the leading lady in the Alexandra Grecco video that Karina directed a few months ago (which you can see here if you haven't already) and if couldn't already tell by that, this is one lady to keep your eye on. Not only does she dance and choreograph, she is also a model (obviously, with those looks!) and a filmmaker herself. Celia's short film Prom Night just debuted at SXSW to wonderful reviews and we can't wait to see what else she has in store. You can see more of Celia's work here.

And now some fun links for your weekend:

The coolest wedding ever complete with picnics and bike riding.

20 gadgets for the DIYer.

Bike season is here. Look good and be safe!

Beautifully designed wooden music boxes for children.

Fashion films are blowing up and we love it. See more here. (via Nylon)

Ever since I recently saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I have been obsessed with Paul Newman. Now I feel like I am reading about him everywhere, including here.

Have you heard of the band, the Cults? They are amazing and you can learn about them here.

A yummy appetizer.

I haven't worn hoop earrings in years but these fun and sparkly ones could easily make me go back.

A funny video of a baby scared of his mom's sneezes. Too cute!

Have a great weekend everyone! ♥


cailen ascher :

what a cute outfit! and how exciting that your friend was featured - very cool!

Krystal :

that baby video is SO funny. and should i sport a leopard bike helmet??? I don't use one!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Hey Krystal! Yes, you should totally wear a leopard helmut. Or if you wanna go a little more tame, try a solid colored one. Bike helmets are so important! I am equally as guilty of not wearing one sometime but these are pretty cute. I like the black Surface one!

Kattia-San Francisco My Song :

lets start wearing hoop earrings together! I'm so ready!

Pilar :

Oooh your friend looks lovely in those pics and that wedding is defs one the best one I've seen! have a good weekend. xoxo.

Lynn {hearted girl} :

i adore you girls and the link days especially much! Celia is a beauty, gotta check out that article asap. major congrats to Karina!!! wowness, so awesome and i did watch it. you always share such wonderful news, it's inspiring me a ton. ♥

Claudia Cifuentes :

Lynn, thanks for the sweet comment! We love girl power around here so anytime we can share inspiring girl news it's a real treat. xoxo!

Raquel :

I love those pictures! I'm always a fan of all-black.. Plus, I love Celia's bangs!

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