Have a dreamy weekend!

Happy Friday! Tonight Alex + I are going to watch my old family home videos. I finally got them transferred from beta to DVD. I can't wait to show him my 6th grade talent show dance to Another Bad Creation. :) What about you peeps? Any interesting plans?

Have a great weekend!

And here are some fun links for your Friday xo...

Never be late to breakfast with this indoor slide. :)

Greta Gerwig, we think you're so talented + cute.

This Topshop sailboat sundress is adorable.

Browned butter with cinnamon chocolate frosting -- I want to make this cake!

A tank house.

These before + after chairs are awesome.

Face paint, feathers + trippy dance moves, oh my!

Movies that were better than the book.

Almost that time... new Sunglasses slideshow.

Cool tour of the new Louis Vuitton shoe factory in Italy. Fancy!

(Photo by Brandon Christopher Warren)


Krystal :

Have a great w/e, thanks for all the wonderful links!

Claudia Cifuentes :

you too Krystal!

Wendy @ Good Morning, Sunshine :

Old family movies are the best! Happy weekend!

Mumbles :

Hi, how are you?
Nice picture and nice links too,
I love the sailboat dress, the before/after chairs, but most of all the tank house, it's amazing!
hope you're having a nice weekend

♥ Marley


ok, 3 beautiful ladies, latinas (correct?), from new york, and my sister's name is also claudia...how can I not follow that! lol...aside from having a really nice page :-)
hope you can stop by mine and if you like follow along also!
p.s. i had that same polaroid growing up, wish i still had it..
p.s.s another bad creation!!! hahaha

Wander.Lust :

great links! i love that tank house, such a cool concept. hope you are all having a great weekend. xoxo

Claudia Cifuentes :

Thanks Lorena! Our parents are from Guatemala so love your post on the Guatemalan flea market! ;)

Noelle at Gray Paint Decor :

That sounds fun! I had a couple of old VHS family movies destroyed by toddlers. Glad you got yours transferred!

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon :

i love watching old home movies - its always fun, yet embarrassing at the same time!

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