Have a Dreamy Weekend!

(Photo via Mellow Fever)

Friday is officially here! What are you plans for the weekend? It is still super chilly here in NY, so I might have to cozy up indoors and finish my marathon of The Office. But for those of you looking forward to Monday, better known as Valentines Day, Ban.Do is the perfect accessories collection to get you feeling fun + girly for your special occasion, even if its having a girls night! Oh, and you can see the super cute behind-the-scenes footage here.

And a few links to get you through this Friday!

My new favorite sculpture artist, Anna Wili Highfield.

Fashion Weeks coolest invites.

The creepiest and funniest V-Day cards.

And V-Day ring cupcakes. I want!

For the man in your life, Cavalier Essentials.

Girl Crush Mila Kunis in W Magazine.

Eggplant dress: wow!

Have a dreamy weekend! ♥


photohogger :

I want to see the eggplant dress, but the link is broken!
Happy weekending!

Karina Cifuentes :

Thanks for the heads up! All fixed. :)

cailen ascher :

ban.do has the cutest stuff! and thanks for the artisan chocolate link. going to check it out now : )

happy weekend!

ChantaleP :

Hi there, thanks for visiting our blog today. Glad to know that the horses brought back good memories for you! Have a happy weekend!
btw: Really awesome blog here.. I dream of palm trees every day. : )

Amanda Swann :

LOVE Ban.Do! They have the cutest stuff right now. Also, YES to the girl crush and the eggplant dress! Both gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. I'm doing a fun giveaway this week, so if you get a chance pop over and take a look. It ends Sunday!

The Cheeky Cafe

Signe :

Cutest cupcakes ever! And a happy weekend to you :)

Elisa :

wow, that artist from Korea is quite creative, did you see the tomato one?

Heart Charlie :

Great photos! Hope you are having a great weekend! Those photos of Mila Kunis in W are incredible!

abigail oliveros :

Happy Valentines day to all three of you.
So far, not plans for me on Valentines Day :(

Krystal :

I loved that Mila interview!! She's way different than I thought I guess!

Diana Mieczan :

OMG that eggplant dress is incredible:) Happy Valentine's day, darling
Hugs and kisses

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