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I work from home the majority of the time so having a fully functional and attractive work space is important to me. Karina and I usually set up our computers on the kitchen island and have found it pretty great, but we do often get sidetracked the minute one of us gets hungry and decides to make lunch. It means we have to clear everything off and either take a break or continue working on the sofa. So because of that, I've been casually browsing Ebay and Craigslist to find something that could work in our apartment.

This morning, I stumbled upon this. Designed by Samuel Accoceberry, the landa desk features a channel for cable management, a red dust barrier to prevent dust from getting into between the cracks of the wood and incorporates functional details and hidden storage spaces. So while it looks like an Ikea desk, it's actually so much more! I bet I would be very productive with this desk.

(Photos via Design Boom.)


rachelinaustin :

Love that! What a great option! I'm currently working from home on my couch/coffee table and it's a mess but that desk would clean things right up! <3

LAURA!!! :

OOo loving it. The red dust barrier is something special!

jaclyn :

i work from home a lot too and find myself at the dining room table, getting sidetracked by snacks! this desk is great and i love the hidden storage spaces - it gives it such a clean appearance.


Wendy :

This desk is amazing, sleek and modern yet functional - love it!

Angelica Ng :

Wow, that's one amazing desk! It's looks functional and good! Being productive, here I come!


Diana Mieczan :

That is such a great desk. I so would need one too:) I usually work in my office space or on my sofa but this desk would be amazing:)
Hugs and kisses, sunshine

robin baron :

I love it when practicality and good design meet! This desk is fabulous! Great Find!

Clinton Harvin :

This is quite clever! Been dreaming of having this kind of desk in my office space in Fairfax. So you did actually buy it? I certainly like the idea of setting up a home office area near the kitchen. Thanks for sharing this, ladies!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Hi Clinton! I actually never got around to buying the desk. I am still using the kitchen island and living room sofa and although it's not ideal, it's still working for now!

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