Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Three-day weekends are the best and I am so glad we have one starting today. Do you guys have any plans for President's Day? I am going to The Catskills tonight where a bunch of my friends have rented a house. There'll be a hot tub, sauna, pool table, ping pong, and of course, skiing. I have to admit though, I have never skied before! I think I might give it a try this weekend, so really looking forward to that. How about you readers? Any big skiers out there and if so, any tips for a newbie?

And now some fun links from this week:

Underground supper clubs going upscale.

2011's most innovative companies.

New music from Radiohead.

This movie looks really funny.

Awesome makeup tutorials.

Highlights from the Stockholm Design Fair.

Party pics from NYFW.

Cutest photo ever.

Love this dress.

Have a great weekend! ♥

(Photos above were taken on my last winter Catskills trip with Owen and Kattia from San Francisco My Song. More pics here.)


Jillian :

that cabin is so fun! have a good weekend! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

Krystal :

my mouth just dropped at that anthro dress!!! have a good weekend too :)

Diana Mieczan :

Awww..sounds like an amazing weekend, sweetie.Have fun and that photo is totally adorable:) Hugs and kisses

shelly :

i've only skied once. all i can say is pizza = stop! have fun!

cailen ascher :

i haven't been snow tubing in sooo long! that sounds like such fun : )

happy weekend!

(hope you're enjoying the chocolates)

Katie*Belle :

I'm so jealous of your weekend! I hope you have a great time.

I love to ski. But no matter how slow you go or how few or many runs you take, you totally deserve to soak in a hot tub and enjoy cocktails afterward! That's my approach, anyway : )


Dreamy weekend alright! I'm jealous...

I love Kelly's book. She is so cool. I'm waiting to get my hands on her next one 'normal gets you nowhere' <3

Have a lovely weekend, good luck with the skiing. I'd be spending my whole time in the hottub and sauna :)


Claudia Cifuentes :

that movie looks awesome. i love john c. reilly.

Karina Cifuentes :

That first photo is awesome, and love the one of Kati - you two are snow bunnies! Miss you already. :)

Kattia-San Francisco My Song :

awww just seeing these makes me miss you so much more...have fun at the catskills and see you in AUGUST!!!!!!

pixelhazard :

Ooo so many links to keep me going. You have a dreamy weekend too

Bright Green Laces

Whimsy Being :

I love your winter cabin pictures. I've never tried skiing in my life...I definitely need to change that asap in life. Hope you are having a great holiday weekend :)

Paper Heart Girl :

Great photos! Your weekend looks absolutely fabulous! xxxxxxxxxx


naomi :

the new radiohead album is amazing. i can't stop listening to it!

Heart Charlie :

Love the links and the fun winter photos ;) Tubing looks like so much fun!!!

Elle Sees :

thanks for the links! i love finding new things.

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