Heart-Shaped Strawberry + Rosemary Scones

Happy Valentines, sweet peeps! How was everyone's weekend? My husband Alex + I got back from Miami yesterday. I hope to share some beach photos with you this afternoon.

In the meantime, don't these heart-shaped strawberry + rosemary scones look yummy? I watched Giada make them on my Jetblue flight yesterday, and am adding them to my baking wish list. :) You can watch the how-to video here. Have a lovely morning! xo

(Photo via Honey Dearest)


Jillian :

oo those look SO good! have a happy valentines day :) xoxo jcd

Krystal :

happy happy valentines day to you too!! def share beach pics :)

photohogger :

Oooh nummy! Happy V'day! Can't wait to see your Miami pics!

Priscila Peters :

Yes, they look yummy!!
Enjoy your Valentine's day.

Blayne Beacham :

They look fantastic! i wish there were some in front of me right now!

Mumbles :

Hii, how are you?
Happy Valentine's day
those biscuits look so delicious
hope you had a great time in Miami

♥ Marley

Pop Champagne :

those look delicious! yumm. hope you have a great valentines day hun!

Pilar :

yay for beach days, do post your miami pics and this recipe sounds delicious, i would have never thought of pairing rosemary with strawberries.

Raquel :

Mmmm, that look seriously delicious. And so cute!

Melanie's Randomness :

I love these scones!! They are so cute & festive!! Happy belated V-day!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love yours, so I'm definitely going to follow! You have such awesome things here!! Have a great day!

Melanie's Randomness

Meg :

Love Giada! & those cookies look delish!

Cute blog!!


Julie and Lauren :

Delicious! Just found your blog and the concept is adorable. Love it! Hope you will visit and follow...


Paper Heart Girl :

mmmmmm, these look OH so good!! xxxxxx

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