Congrats, to our friends...

(Manu + Marines on their wedding)

I wanted to share a photo with you from Friday's wedding. We, DOPT sisters, had a truly lovely time. It was a simple yet beautiful affair. The couple got married at City Hall then afterward, invited family and friends over to their Brooklyn apartment for champagne and cake. Later, all the young people walked over to the local dive bar down the street, and danced the night away to cheesy Miami 90's music we grew up with. We had a blast. It reminded me that sometimes the most fun weddings are the simplest ones. :)

Oh, and Baby Santiago seemed to enjoy himself too. Congrats, to the Garcia family!

What about you, sweet peeps? What do you think makes a wedding memorable? xo


Jillian :

sounds like a great time! it should be all about the bride and groom and it sounds like it was :) xoxo jcd

Claudia Cifuentes :

Absolutely Jillian!

magdalena viktoria :

Santiago is so cute! I could eat him :)

Claudia Cifuentes :

Yes, Magdalena he is quite yummy! And not surprisingly was receiving lots of love from the ladies. :)

Kattia :

This post made me tear up...Marines looks so beautiful and happy and Manu so Handsome they make the perfect couple...Mazel guys....and the baby is beyond cute, honestly he's a mini Manu...wish I was there!

Thanks for posting!

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